Monday, December 31, 2012


What a fun crazy year! As we are anxiously awaiting 2013, because that will bring our son, I can't help but look back and be grateful.
As every year, it came with its highs and lows, but this year definitely brought growth.

I switched to a new job at the beginning of the year, which allowed me to be apart of all the holidays I had been missing the past few years.
We celebrated our 2 years of marriage and 5 years together.
We decided to start a family!!!
We found we are pregnant!
Sour's brother got married.
Our Godson turned 1!
We found out we are having a little boy!
We picked out a name for our little guy!
My baby cousin got married!
We finally got our bathroom re-done!
We have made all the preparations for our bundle and now we are WAITING!

On the last day of the year, I have found a few random things to be grateful for:
2 year inspection stickers!
Cousins who come to visit, invite you to a movie, and call to check in.
Fun nail stickers, since I paint like a 3 year old.
And friends who still invite you to NYE stuff even though you are no fun!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

38 weeks

38 weeks brings:

No baby (so far)
A lot of predictions of a full moon baby (last night and tonight)
Almost all the baby things are put together
A sleep number bed! ( where was this my whole pregnancy! Thanks in-laws!)
Nesting at home and office
No nerves just ready
Bags are officially packed (except Sour's)
No weight gain this past week!!! Woohoo!
Bottles and pump stuff is sanitized and ready
Officially have all big items (monitor for Christmas and bought a new pump)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

That Time of the Week Again

So today was the weekly check in all of its loveliness! The weekly appointments are bittersweet. I love having something to look forward to and it makes the time go by quickly, but then when nothing super new or exciting happens its kind of a let down.

This weeks check was a mixture, we are definitely making progress but nothing super exciting. I am not one to post my effacement and dilation but basically we are good but will be pregnant another week.

I am going to go on a rant for a minute. I do want a "natural" birth, meaning no induction, no epidural and vaginal. I have made these decisions because of Luke, not because I am trying to prove anything to anybody. I want the least amount of interventions for Luke because I have seen the negative side effects of extra medicine or bringing the baby into the world too early. Saying all that, I am still a nurse and a NICU nurse that, so I understand that the health of Luke comes first! So whatever needs to happen to get him here safe and sound, then that is what we will do. So I really don't think I will be disappointed if extra interventions have to be done.

Also as much as I want Luke to be here so I can meet him, love on him, and stare at him, I do want him to be fully cooked! I am uncomfortable and ready to get rid of some weight, but his timing outweighs my selfishness. So although we had been told he might be here by the end of the year, we are okay with him hanging out for awhile longer.

We do thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts as the time we welcome Luke draws near!

Adding a picture of Luke and I on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


As Christmas is now just a couple of days away, and we go into our own little worlds with our families, friends, and traditions, my heart is aching.

Sour and I are being overwhelmingly blessed with this ability to carry and birth this sweet little boy. And then given the huge responsibility of raising him. I don't know how we deserve it.

But this year as I am selfishly missing my family, hating that I am missing Christmas morning with my niece and nephew and then breakfast at my Nanny's house, God has stepped in and put a burden on my heart.

I know of 2 families that need an overwhelming amount of prayers this season and on.

My old roommate's dad has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has already spread to his stomach, adrenal gland, and several spots on his brain. They are starting radiation today following with chemo. So this Christmas as they try to enjoy it with their sweet new baby girl, they are disparately praying for healing and a miracle. My friend has already lost her mom and she is not prepared or willing to lose another parent.

Another friend's 2 year old daughter has just under gone surgery to remove a brain tumor on Friday. They found it after normal 2 year old accident and now dealing with healing their baby girl. They will be spending their Christmas in the hospital as she recovers from surgery. They should have biopsy results within the week and then go from there for a treatment plan.

So I ask you as you go about your celebrations that one you are aware of all the blessings that you have, and two that you remember these families and many more. I ask that you pray for healing above all but that God's will be done. Pray for Peace, that they may know without a doubt that God has not forsaken them, that nothing that is happening is a surprise to Him.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

37 Weeks

Oh goodness!  We are really 37 weeks!  I do have to say the weekly appointments make it move fast but time is slowing down.  Its like it is teasing me, taunting me!  The more uncomfortable you are the slower the time moves!

So 37 weeks brings:

  • a "check" that showed that Luke is in great position and things are moving along nicely "down there" 
  • we will be pregnant for at least till Christmas
  • I can't breath at night
  • I have ridiculous hot flashes (the OB yesterday had to fan my belly off when he lifted my shirt)
  • I finally feel like I got things ready to go at work before leave
  • I obviously have done nesting at home, so I have moved to nesting in my office.
  • I am more and more curious about our little guy
  • I am ready to hold him in my arms and not in my belly
  • We have finished all classes. This last breast feeding one was super informative.  I am feeling prepared to go in to breast feeding as the only option but knowing we might have some speed bumps.          
Things left to do:
put all the "equipment together" aka bouncer, mamaroo, highchair
breast pump is ordered
and tons of little things I can't even think of!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

36 weeks

Boy, boy, boy! He will be here before we know it! I am kind of in shock that we are this close and we are literally just waiting on his arrival. 36 weeks brings:

Sleepless nights
Hotness (the heater is my enemy)
We have decided on our pediatrician
We have another appointment and check
A lot of comments on my looking tired or about to pop!

The curtains are up in the nursery! And here is my ever growing 36 weeks belly.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"The Check"

So we had our OB appointment yesterday. Luke is still trucking along. Looks like we will be pregnant for at least another week. I had a mixture of disappointment and relief.
Disappointment: I am ready to meet this little guy, I am ready to no be pregnant, I am ready to have a break from work.
Relief: Luke gets to cook a little bit longer, work is not ready for me to leave yet, I really would like to wait till after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we have 2 parties this weekend I am looking forward to! And this is as Christmassy as our house has gotten this year.

Monday, December 10, 2012

35 Weeks

Boy time is flying by!  35 weeks brings some "fun things"
  • OB appointment on Tuesday (get "checked" for the first time)
  • Pre-registering at the hospital
  • Interview the Pediatrician this week
  • working a 12 hour night shift right now (help me Jesus)
  • fingers crosssed my weight has not gone silly
My parents, sister, and niece and nephew came in this weekend to do early Christmas.  It is crazy to think that the next time I see them, I might be a mommy (or very close).  We did our normal Christmas Eve tradition, Mexican food and gifts. 

I got a sewing machine from my parents.  It came with an instructional DVD that I will be watching and starting some fun, EASY projects.

Family-  I miss you all tons.  Love yall!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Remember When..

I had ankles
When I could reach my toes to paint them
When I could feel my left foot

When Willard could fit all the way on my lap
When my boobs didn't sit on my belly
When my belly didn't sit on my lap

When I did not have to lay in bed the minute I got home
When I got home before dark

Just one of those days that I ready for little man to come!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

34 and more!

So we are 34 weeks!  If Luke were born today, he would not have to go to the NICU!  34 weeks is one of those milestones in my head just like 23 weeks was.  34 weeks brings:
  • had my last shower yesterday
  • I can tell he has dropped feeling some pressure
  • dealing with more back pain
  • really feeling like its getting close!
  • definitely can not see my feet
  • even maternity clothes are getting a little snug
We go back to the doctor at 35 and some days and then we switch to going every week.  We have decided on a Pedi and have set up and interview appointment with them in a couple of weeks.  It is time to go get pre-registered at the hospital.  So many things on the to do list! 

The shower yesterday was adorable and perfect in everyway.  It was more of the "friends" shower, so everyone from work to nursing school to a long time high school friend came.  It was such a blessing to have them all in one place. We were once again overwhelming blessed.  All of these showers have shown me one thing, that Luke is abundantly loved already. 
Matthew, Luke, and I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of yalls work, time, effort, and gifts.  We appreciate it and you more than we can say. 
As our little guys entracne into this world approaches, we can't help but just be glad we have so many amazing people around us. 
Here are a few pics of some adorb gifts we recieved:

My BFF cousin has been working on this since September!  Isn't adorable!
And now to show you the impact Luke is making around the house!
He has stuff in every nook and cranny now a days!

This is all the stuff awaiting being put together.

So we have a busy week ahead of us at work, but we get to end the week with an early Christmas with my mom, dad, sister, and the kids!  

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Right about now I am wishing for a per-maternity leave! Between my one and only coworker out on surgery and then leaving for good on January 4th, and this next week being the week of Go Live, and people not picking up the slack, I am done!

Okay enough complaining about work. Now let me tell you how blessed I am by my coworkers. They threw myself and one of my BFF's a shower yesterday. Paired with the cutest cake ever and adorable decorations it was lovely! We got some adorable stuff along with very useful things, diapers!

This weekend is my last shower. And it's with all my sweet friends. I am so excited!

Here are some pictures of the latest cute things:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

33 Weeks

I think I say this every week, but Holy Cow I can't believe we are this far.  So in 7 weeks (or less according to our OB) we will meet Luke.  My son!  It doesn't even seem real.

33 Weeks Brings

  • a little more swelling in my feet and legs
  • a love for sweets!
  • To Do lists
  • thank you notes
  • packing mine, Sour's, and Luke's hospital bags

  • picking out Pedi and setting up appointment
  • work Baby shower and one more friends and family shower
  • Braxton Hicks contractions
  • Nesting
This time of year brings tons of busyness all by itself, then add prepping for a baby, and you got your self one crazy Prego. Today alone I: wrapped Christmas gifts, went Christmas shopping, went shopping for odds and ends for baby, made some Christmas gifts, sent Luke's going home outfit to be monogrammed, took Christmas card picture, ordered Christmas cards.  I am still debating on the whole Christmas decorations.  Getting them out of the attic (since Sour was off) was on the To Do list today, but I put if off because it just didn't sound fun!

So I am preparing as much for Christmas and Luke's arrival as I can, feeling like they might happen at just about the same time!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happiest Baby

Sour and I just attended our second baby class. This one was by far more helpful. There is a book called Happiest Baby on the Block, this class was based on that book. We got to practice swaddling and the 4 other S's. Which are Side, Shushing, Swing, Sucking. The really odd one out of these is the shushing. You are supposed to do it as loudly as the baby is crying right in their ear! It looks strange! But these 5 things are supposed to calm our baby when they are freaking out, so Sour and I will try anything!

So if you see us shushing loudly into Luke's ear, don't judge it might be working!

So I have just 2 breast feeding classes left. And then it will be just hanging out waiting for baby!

One of my BFF's, Megan , posted this the other day and I thought I would follow suit! I have making lists and packing bags like crazy for Luke, Sour, and I for the hospital. It's honestly giving me anxiety trying make sure we be enough but not too much. So all you momma's and soon to be momma's out there, share with me what you packed or will pack!

This is going into the nursery! Our sweet cousin Julia made these letters. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

32 Weeks and Baby Shower

We have hit 32 weeks! That seems so surreal!  But here we are 8 weeks'ish to go!
32 Weeks bring pretty much the same, nothing too different.  Still feeling okay,  a little more out of breath, a little bigger, harder to bend over, definitely cannot see my feet.  But all in all really feel pretty decent.  This weeks appointment was just BP, weight (that is a number I have never seen before), heart beat, and bump measurement.  Everything looks great.  I was a little out of breath and hot and I just saw my weight so my Blood Pressure was a little high, but better the second time.  Luke's head is down and ready and he has a great heart rate.  We do the every 2 week appointments a couple more times than switch to every week.

Today I had my second baby shower!  It was just as exciting as the first.  I had a blast and had a great turn out.  Everything was adorable!  (One day I will get picture of the decor of both showers)  They used the room colors for the theme.  But Luke, Matthew and I were just overwhelmingly blessed by everyone!  My MIL's friends threw the party and they did such a great job.  They out did themselves and so did my MIL.  We are so blessed to have these people in our lives.  My mom, aunt, grandmother, niece and cousin came in for the shower as well.  I loved having a piece of home here to celebrate.  I sure am missing them.  Its hard knowing I won't be around for the holidays.  Here are a few pictures of the blessings we received!

Look at this adorable diaper bike!  Loved it!

We were gifted out travel system!  What a huge load off!  It is perfect!

Now I can pack mine and Luke's bags!  We finally have our diaper bag!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


So I don't know if you know this or not but Christmas is just right around the corner! Like seriously! I am on the fence about how much decorating we will be doing because of our present circumstance of Luke coming who knows when! But one thing I can't put off is Christmas shopping!

It's my favorite part! I love getting people fun little gifts that hopefully make life a little more fun! There are a few websites that I have been obsessing over! I love a good deal! And I love stuff you can't get from any old store. These websites have ridiculous sales with adorable items!

They have made this year when the budget is a little tighter just as much fun to shop. And I have to resist buying stuff for me! Plus who doesn't love shopping in your pjs from the comfort of couch or bed! Especially when you are growing bigger daily.

Here are the websites:

This was last yea's tree! It was magnificent! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Class

We went to our first baby class tonight with our friends who are about 7 weeks behind us. They are on the ball!

It was a newborn and dental care class. The dental care had like 2 interesting points the rest was just really scary pictures of bad baby teeth. So guess what we will start wiping Luke's mouth right after birth!

The second part was normals and abnormals for newborns. I really did know most of it but Sour did learn a lot. Both parts were taught by pediatric doctors. The second part was taught by a pediatrician that has made our short list of pedis we are deciding on. We need to decide fairly quickly so we can make some prenatal visits to meet and ask questions.

Thursday I have a breast feeding class and then next Tuesday we have a "Happiest Baby on the Block" class. So we are in baby learning mode!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

31 Weeks!

Such a slacker! I completely skipped over 30 weeks. But I did show you a sweet pic of Luke so that makes up for it.

So 31 Weeks brings:
Reflux- I can't say it's just awful but it's not super fun
Luke kicking my butt- he moves so much and constantly. I think we are both running out of room in there!
Getting a little more tired- I think most of it from the inability to sleep as well.
Going every 2 weeks to the Doc makes the time go by so fast!
My favorite thing is to go sit in the nursery and just look around.

Here is the bump

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A moment

Okay so I am going to take this one post to talk about something non baby, non crafty, non house.  I promise I will limit it to this one post. 

I am not a political person.  I don't pretend to understand things.  I don't pretend to have opinion on things I know nothing about or not enough about.  Politics give me a headache.  I feel like they are a necessary evil. With all that said, I did vote yesterday, because it is my right and my responsibility.  If nothing else I went to vote for all the darn amendments and laws they like to add all the stinking time. 

Now to the purpose.  Can't we all just get along.  I hate that people are throwing around Christianity like it makes someone better than someone else.  Like it gives anyone the right to be hateful, racists or judgemental.  My faith in God and my need for him in my life does not give me any sort of extra ability to say what ever comes to my head.  Instead it gives me the responsibility to love you, to show you how Jesus loves. 
I will not tell you who I voted for.  I didn't even tell Sour.  Its not because I am ashamed or embarrassed or prideful.  It is because I voted with my heart and what I felt at peace with.  I honestly thing both candidates stunk.  Neither one lined up with what I want for Luke in life, but the truth is that's not their responsibility. 

You know who lines up with what I want for Luke?  My Lord and Savior.  He is my King.  He is who I answer to at the end of the day.  He is the one who knows the future and the outcome.  And what he is calling me to do is honor the office and to pray for whoever is in that office.  This Country is not my home.  I am not of this world, and I strive daily to remember that.  But I also have to remember that God calls to abide by the laws of the land. 

So in conclusion, I am so over the hatefulness!  Because some one's opinion differs from yours doesn't make them stupid or uninformed or anything else rude you can think of.  My dad says it best, "opinions are like butt holes everyone has them and they all stink!"

So today I am rejoicing in another day to carry this sweet little guy!  I am rejoicing in one day closer to meeting and holding Luke.  I am rejoicing in knowing that God has blessed me about as much as I could have imagined.  And to bless Him back, I am going to love his people!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


We have officially be showered!  We were showered with blessings and goodies on Saturday from my Texas family and church.  It was so overwhelming to see all the sweet little things.  I love these parties because it just reminds me of how much Luke is already loved.  He is going to be one of the luckiest little boy's in the world surrounded by all these people who already adore him.  One of my favorite parts of the shower, was the forms that everyone filled out for their hopes for Luke.

I sat down and read them today in his nursery.  And my eyes just brimmed with tears from all the hopes and prayers and love for my sweet boy that isn't even here yet.  I have a feeling these will become something that I will never be able to part with.  These are words that I will go back to on the hard days.
We got all sorts of adorable little clothes and blankets. Blessed with some bigger items.  It was so just more than I could have asked or prayed for.

I wanted to show y'all and update to the nursery.  My cousin Sara has been come such a great sewer and she offered to re do the cushions for the rocking chair.  So I picked out some fabric and she did all the work.  And here is the result...FABULOUS!

The boppy was such a sweet gift from cousin Darla who passed it down from using it with her sweet babies!

The rocking chair is one of my favorites part of the room now.
Any one who was at the shower, please forward some pictures to me!  Email, facebook them, however!

Thank you for all the love!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Its done!  Its done!  Its really really done! We still lack a couple of knobs for the cabinets but we have moved back in the bathroom.  SO that means things are actually where they are supposed to be!  I just took the first shower in it and it was lovely!  Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Week!

So this has been and will continue to be a very good/exciting week!  We got to see Luke today! Ladies and Gentlemen we have a big baby on our hands!  He is weighing in at 4lbs and 3oz!  It looks like he has long legs and huge feet.  Also looks like he has hair!  Dr. Kinder sounds pretty sure that Luke might be here by the end of the year.  We will be 30 weeks tomorrow and Luke is measuring more like 32 weeks.  If I wasn't already a little anxious, I definitely am now!  But I can't wait to meet him.  I can't wait to see the most perfect way he is a blend of both of our families.  I can't wait to meet him and figure out his personality.

Also this week, the bathroom is finally finished!  That right we have shower walls and fixture knobs.  I will showing you the final pictures of the bathroom tomorrow.

The last greatness of the week is that I have my first baby shower this weekend.  My MIL and cousin/BFF and I will be headed to SS for my hometown shower.  I am so excited to see all the goodies that Luke gets.  Nothing better than sweet little baby things.  I can't wait to fill up Luke's room with all the odds and ends.  I will definitely share pictures of the shower decor and goodies.

I wanted to show the progress of Luke:
This is Luke at 7 weeks just a little dot.
This is Luke at 18 weeks.  He actually looks like a baby!  This is when we found out Luke is a Luke.

This is Luke today at 29 weeks and 6 days.  Look at his sweet cheeks and his huge hands!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What a Weekend!

It has been a crazy, busy, fun, and family filled weekend.  Yesterday we drove to Texarkana for my sweet baby cousin's wedding.  It was at this adorable rustic place that fit their personalities to a T.  The bride, Julia, did a fabulous job putting it all together.  It had the sweetest touches.  It was on the chilly side but other than that couldn't have asked for a prettier day.  I got to spend some much needed family time with the whole group including breakfast and shopping and the wedding before we headed back home last night.

Today the hubby was off (a rare occasion that we have a whole day off together), so we spent the morning cuddling and watching TV.  He went to do some manly stuff with his friends (poker and football) and I went with my mother in law.  A friend of hers has 19 month old twin boys and they are preparing for a garage sale, so they let us go through all the stuff first.  What a blessing they are, plus my overly generous parents-in-law.  My MIL stocked up on tons of stuff at her house, and then I was able to get Luke tons of clothes and shoes that he can grow into.

Look at those too sweet baby Toms!  So to say we are blessed is an understatement.  I am reminded daily how much God really truly loves us and how much he really truly is in control!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

29 weeks!

29 weeks brings:
An emotional meltdown (it happened Sunday so that was technically 28 weeks)
Some swelling- nothing too bad but I think it's the salt in take
Reflux galore
Tons of questions prepared for the OB
Tons of research on breast feeding and natural births
A very active Luke! I don't think he is ever not moving!
We get to see him next Wednesday. I I am so curious to see how big he is and his position. We haven't seen him since 18 weeks!
I am also including a picture of the curtains up! Sort of. I am deciding if I think they need to be lower. We used pre-existing holes. And they need to be ironed if anyone would like to volunteer for that!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Moment we Have been waiting for

Okay so one of the many moments we are waiting for.  But right now this makes me feel so much better!  After much hard work from Sour, the father in law, and a really great BFF/cousin and her husband , the nursery is so close to being done.  LOOK!

What's left to do you might ask.  Well I have to find hardware for the curtains and hang them up.  Getting some baskets/totes (hopefully from showers) and put in the changer for organization, find a small little table to put a lamp on in the corner.  Other than that just odds and ends.  It looks as lovely as I thought it would.  The big top off will be the curtains to throw in a big splash of color.

Those of you who have been thinking what about the bathroom?  Well its at a standstill.  We are simply waiting on the glass for shower.  So we have moved a couple of things in, so we don't have to run upstairs for everything but for the most part we are still spread out among the house.  Fingers crossed the glass should be in Monday and put up on Tuesday!

I have been have some anxiety and feeling overwhelmed and with these 2 projects finally getting complete, I am starting to feel a little bit better.  Now if only I could control everything else!