Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Moment we Have been waiting for

Okay so one of the many moments we are waiting for.  But right now this makes me feel so much better!  After much hard work from Sour, the father in law, and a really great BFF/cousin and her husband , the nursery is so close to being done.  LOOK!

What's left to do you might ask.  Well I have to find hardware for the curtains and hang them up.  Getting some baskets/totes (hopefully from showers) and put in the changer for organization, find a small little table to put a lamp on in the corner.  Other than that just odds and ends.  It looks as lovely as I thought it would.  The big top off will be the curtains to throw in a big splash of color.

Those of you who have been thinking what about the bathroom?  Well its at a standstill.  We are simply waiting on the glass for shower.  So we have moved a couple of things in, so we don't have to run upstairs for everything but for the most part we are still spread out among the house.  Fingers crossed the glass should be in Monday and put up on Tuesday!

I have been have some anxiety and feeling overwhelmed and with these 2 projects finally getting complete, I am starting to feel a little bit better.  Now if only I could control everything else!

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