Thursday, December 20, 2012

37 Weeks

Oh goodness!  We are really 37 weeks!  I do have to say the weekly appointments make it move fast but time is slowing down.  Its like it is teasing me, taunting me!  The more uncomfortable you are the slower the time moves!

So 37 weeks brings:

  • a "check" that showed that Luke is in great position and things are moving along nicely "down there" 
  • we will be pregnant for at least till Christmas
  • I can't breath at night
  • I have ridiculous hot flashes (the OB yesterday had to fan my belly off when he lifted my shirt)
  • I finally feel like I got things ready to go at work before leave
  • I obviously have done nesting at home, so I have moved to nesting in my office.
  • I am more and more curious about our little guy
  • I am ready to hold him in my arms and not in my belly
  • We have finished all classes. This last breast feeding one was super informative.  I am feeling prepared to go in to breast feeding as the only option but knowing we might have some speed bumps.          
Things left to do:
put all the "equipment together" aka bouncer, mamaroo, highchair
breast pump is ordered
and tons of little things I can't even think of!

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