Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Job

So sometimes since leaving my job in the NICU, I really struggle with my purpose. As an NICU nurse, I knew without a doubt I was making a difference. I was saving life's, contributing to someone else's well-being, a supporter and friend to people who felt alone. 
But in the clinical education role, that difference isn't so noticeable or noted. Not many thank yous occur, no one is bringing me
treats, or hugging me for making a power point or putting together skills fair! 
My heart was definitely with those babies, and I really believe sick kiddos will always have a piece of me, it was my calling for a short time. And I do know that it was God's timing for me to go to this position. I really do love it! 
With all that said, when I have those questioning moments, God gives me a little pop, and tells me he gave me the most important job of all. Being a mommy! 
He has entrusted me to teach this little boy how to love unconditional, live,and look like Jesus.  What a big, important job. My job is to love him! My job is to teach and raise him to be amazing. My job is SHOW him how to do all these things. 

Boy how I love this BOY! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Behind! 8-9 months

So I have been awful with the posts! And I really do have a lot I would love to update on! But I just can't squeeze it in! Between working full time and then going home and loving on Luke, cleaning the house, or trying to be social, blogging doesn't have much of a priority. 

But so maybe the next couple of days I will jam pack some posts in. 

Let's catch you up on the highlights of Luke:
He turned 9 months on Thursday, October 10th. 
He weighs 22 lbs and 4 oz. (75th percentile) 
He is 31.5" long (97th percentile)
He is a pro-crawler now
He cruises around furniture
He dares to let go and stand by himself every now and then. 
He loves "real" food. 
He would rather feed himself then by a spoon. 
His favorites are yogurt and spaghetti/ravioli. 
He has 6 partial teeth. 2-4 all came in at about the same time. 5 & 6 are working through now. They all still have some growing to do. 
He had his first ear infection, and he decided to make it a double! He was miserable! So sad to a momma's heart. 
There is no doubt he has his daddy's allergies/sensitivities. He has an almost constant runny nose, gets all swollen with mosquito bites, and almost always has a rash! 
He is making more and more "sounds" daily. We went thorough "ma-ma" and "buh-buh" and now he likes to put all of it together with some spitting! 
He still loves bath time, and watching the washer and drier. 
He is constantly in poor Willard's dog food. 
He loves being outside. 
We are trying to get used to shoes. I was a bad momma, and didn't put any on him all summer, and now he cannot function with shoes on!
He loves other babies/kids. We have been to a few birthday parties, and he has a blast chasing and playing. 

Okay that's all I can think of at the moment. I am sure there will be more. So that was information overload, now here is picture overload!