Sunday, December 2, 2012

34 and more!

So we are 34 weeks!  If Luke were born today, he would not have to go to the NICU!  34 weeks is one of those milestones in my head just like 23 weeks was.  34 weeks brings:
  • had my last shower yesterday
  • I can tell he has dropped feeling some pressure
  • dealing with more back pain
  • really feeling like its getting close!
  • definitely can not see my feet
  • even maternity clothes are getting a little snug
We go back to the doctor at 35 and some days and then we switch to going every week.  We have decided on a Pedi and have set up and interview appointment with them in a couple of weeks.  It is time to go get pre-registered at the hospital.  So many things on the to do list! 

The shower yesterday was adorable and perfect in everyway.  It was more of the "friends" shower, so everyone from work to nursing school to a long time high school friend came.  It was such a blessing to have them all in one place. We were once again overwhelming blessed.  All of these showers have shown me one thing, that Luke is abundantly loved already. 
Matthew, Luke, and I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of yalls work, time, effort, and gifts.  We appreciate it and you more than we can say. 
As our little guys entracne into this world approaches, we can't help but just be glad we have so many amazing people around us. 
Here are a few pics of some adorb gifts we recieved:

My BFF cousin has been working on this since September!  Isn't adorable!
And now to show you the impact Luke is making around the house!
He has stuff in every nook and cranny now a days!

This is all the stuff awaiting being put together.

So we have a busy week ahead of us at work, but we get to end the week with an early Christmas with my mom, dad, sister, and the kids!  

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