Thursday, November 15, 2012


So I don't know if you know this or not but Christmas is just right around the corner! Like seriously! I am on the fence about how much decorating we will be doing because of our present circumstance of Luke coming who knows when! But one thing I can't put off is Christmas shopping!

It's my favorite part! I love getting people fun little gifts that hopefully make life a little more fun! There are a few websites that I have been obsessing over! I love a good deal! And I love stuff you can't get from any old store. These websites have ridiculous sales with adorable items!

They have made this year when the budget is a little tighter just as much fun to shop. And I have to resist buying stuff for me! Plus who doesn't love shopping in your pjs from the comfort of couch or bed! Especially when you are growing bigger daily.

Here are the websites:

This was last yea's tree! It was magnificent! 

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  1. Love the huge tree! It's amazing!! I need to get on the ball with some Christmas presents. Emory has lots of stuff...everyone else has nothing. Haha. Oops!