Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loving it!

I have started the registering process.  We are registered at the cutest little boutique here in town (a little overpriced) for just cutesy things nothing too important.  Then we are doing Target (because its pretty universal) and Wal-Mart (which is the only thing in my hometown) for the basics and essentials. Target will be done sometime in the next week or so with Sour.  Wal-Mart will be done on Monday when I venture to Sulphur Springs for my long weekend since Sour will just be working. 
Those places should cover us nicely with all the necessities, but I am thinking about all the adorable things on Etsy I drool over everytime I peruse through (which is probably way too often).  And granted nugget and I and Sour would survive just fine without these things, and believe me I am surely not paying for it at this point time.  But a friend of a friend passed along that you can create a registry on Amazon, and then Amazon lets you add things to your registry from other websites that may not have registries. So let me just say a big Woohoo!!! 

So all you mommies, soon-to-be mommies, and future mommies, remember this!  All you have to do is get the little add-on and its easy as pie! 

To all my interent friendly, etsy obsessed, online shopping addicts, please feel free to use the amazon registry for some fun gifts!  HAHAHA I am so not asking for gifts! I just love how cool and fun it is too add just another option for sweet nugget to loved on and blessed and to be the cutest baby ever!

And this was dinner and dessert!

Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY #2

So I was told today that my belly really has changed since the last belly picture.  So I got Sour to do a pic when I got home from work this evening.  It is literally just a belly picture nothing more, but you can see some of the super cute dress I got this weekend while shopping with the MIL.
Sweet little guy is growing!  That is for sure.  And the wives tale is totally true that if you are carrying a little boy you carry low, because my belly starts so low compared to my friend Megan's belly with her little girl.

So here is the 2nd DIY that I did yesterday.  Here is the inspiration, they are from Pottery Barn Teen

I made my own version of these, put my own little spin to them.  Here are the starting tools/supplies:
Craft paint that works on any material, different size paint brushes, water, wood blocks, hot glue gun, and the plastic animals of your choice.  So basically you just pain the plastic animals whatever color that works for your color scheme or theme.  I choose good size animals with blocks that they would fit on and not topple over.  I wanted them to be heavy enough to use as bookends.  I also painted the wood blocks the same colors.  The animals took a couple of coats.  The green went on very thin, so it took about 3 coats of paint.
You can see here the spots coming through the green paint.
I also let the paint dry pretty throughly in between the coats so the paint wouldn't spread around too much (it tends to do that on plastic).  The wood blocks did well with one coat and just some touch ups.   I used the different sizes of brushes to get in all the nooks and crannies.  After getting all the coats on, I just hot glued the giraffes to the wood blocks.  And here is the finished product!
I am kind of in love them!  The colors are perfect and love the giraffes and just the right size.

We got the crib ordered today!  I think it was in stock so we can get it as soon as the room is painted!  I will share a picture of the crib tomorrow!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


What a lovely weekend it has been!  Yesterday, I attended a sweet shower for a friend who is expecting a little guy pretty soon.  I definitely took advantage of the situation.  Made tons of mental notes of all the gifts she got so I knew what to register for.  Then I spent the rest of the day with my MIL.  To say we shopped till we dropped is an understandment.  We looked at cribs at 2 different places ( I think I found THE one), and registered at one of the places while we were there.  The registering was fun!  Luckily green is my favorite color because we are now registered for tons of it! We moved right along to some clothes shopping!  Which is one of my favorite past times, but here lately it has been not so fun.  Well yesterday, it was fun! And overwhelming.  I have now been blessed with a whole new wardrobe hopefully getting me into and through the winter.  So exciting to actually have options when I look into the closet. (Hopefully I will have some pictures to show some of the cute new clothes soon)  I did have to say some farewells to some clothes and put them away for awhile.
Today has been church with a great sermon and then lunch with some family.  And of course I snuck in a little nap after church and then did some crafting for the baby's room.  I thought I would share with you the DIY steps with some pictures.  So here is the inspiration.

So here are the tools/supplies that you start with:
I found some fabric at Hobby Lobby that will match the bedding.  All different sizes of embroidery hoops (I started with 7 because I am not really sure where they are going to yet), scissors, a marker to trace circles and not shown hot glue gun.  I traced a bigger circle then cut them out and fit them in the hoop and tightened the hoop.
 This what they look like after that process.  The last thing I did was hot glue down the edges around the back of the hoop to give a clean finished look.  Like this! I can't wait to paint, so I can hang these up!

I worked on another DIY today too that isnt quite ready, so I will be showing you that later in the week. 

Have a blessed week!

Read Mark 5: 21-43 with a different perspective.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Heart Walk 2012

Hey guys!  Here is a completely unrelated pregnacy/baby post.  So many of you have probably seen on my facebook or have received emails/texts from me about American Heart Associations Heart Walk.  My co-worker Tracie and I were asked to co captain the Heart Walk for Christus Health Shreveport Bossier this year.  I am honored and pleased to take on this challenge.

It hit me though that I haven't reached out to this group of people or through this venue yet.  For donating at least $25 to the AHA Heart Walk you can receive an official t-shirt without actually walking on the day.  By the way that is a handy thing to know, the walk is on Saturday October 6 2012 at LSUS Shreveport, activities start at 0800 and walk starts at 0915. 

 Or another option is joining a team donating and raising money and walking on that day.  I would love and appreciate either of these!  We are trying to break our $15000 goal for the whole health system which we missed by quite a large amount last year.

I personally am walking for sweet little nugget.  I have had the privilege of taking care of many congenital heart disease babies during my time in the NICU.  These families are overwhelmed with the joy of welcoming their sweet little babies into the world and then that is met with the scary realization that your perfect baby is sick.  So I am choosing to walk for all these sweet babies that did and did not make it, and my sweet little man who I pray daily is born healthy, and all the future little nuggets.

I am asking you to find your own reason to walk or to give money to this amazing organization.  The money we raise in this area stays in this area.  We also have some very cool t-shirts we have had made for the Heart Walk for our hospital.  Let me know if you are interested and I will send you an email with a picture of the shirt and the prices.  I actually may post it on my facebook if some people act interested. 

Here is the link for my teams webpage that you can join the team or just simply donate.
Kay Sour Heart Walk Page

Thank you ahead of time for your donations and participation and time.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Half Way There!

Oh My WOW!!! I can't believe we have hit 20 weeks!  It feels like we just told all of our family and friends. Well lets catch you up on the 20 week perks
  • Belly is growing!  My belly button is almost flat!
  • No food aversions really at all.  Still loving pickles and pretty much any cold beverage (icees, limeades, ocean water, sno cones).  I have my days where I can just eat normal not too much more, but then you have days like Sunday where I had cinnamon cake for breakfast, sonic for lunch, taco bell for dinner, then a popsicle and a chocolate shake and some snacks in the middle of all that.  
  • Had a Doc appointment today, baby HR 151, my BP is great, and 5lb weight gain in a months time. Anatomy scan was perfect from a couple of weeks ago.  He is growing right on time.
  • Next month I have to do the glucola test :(.  I am nervous about it, hoping its not miserable for me or little one. 
  • Sour asked the Doc today if I could drink a caffeinated bevarage, because I have not had one in like 16+ weeks.  He said of course!  So I plan on partaking in one soon.
So some super exciting news...My MIL (mother in law), really my parents-in-law, are fantastic!  They are more than a blessing and more than bless us.  Actually we are getting a whole new bathroom because of a sweet Christmas gift (I will keep you posted on those changes as well, it is going to be o-mazing). Now they have gone one more step, they are letting me pick out our very own crib.  She, with my mom and dad, are making my dream nursery come true.  We are going crib, plus some other stuff, shopping on Saturday.  I thought I would show you some of the nursery finds so far
The BEDDING!!! My parents are making this happen

The rug came in!  Isn't is perfect?!?!?
I do have a question...Is it too early to go ahead and start registering?  I know showers are a ways off but I feel like I want to get on the ball with it and not wait till last minute.

So I am still on my mission to watch my words and actions.  So I challenge all of you to make that intentional in your life as well.  Make sure you are being the person you want the world to see, the person you want your kid to be like.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Its a GIRL!

For my sweet friend, Megan and her hubs.  I knew it!  So our little guy and their sweet princess can be a cute little couple!  Maybe we will just do an arranged marriage.  The party was adorable with a "Waddle it Be?" theme and cute little duckies everywhere.

So I promised some pics of some outfits.  Well the truth is I managed to capture the weekends outfits but no more.  But at least its a couple of belly pics to keep you updated.  One of my friends says it looks like I have finally popped.
Old Navy dress (which now I wish I owned in every color, super comfortable)

Dress my sweet mom got me and should actually work for a long time into this pregnancy
Next week we will be 20 weeks!  Half way there! 
So I have mentioned my cheapness lately, but this cheap girl got a victory yesterday.  My friend mentioned a Groupon for rugsusa.com, which is a website I have found the rug I am in love with!  I was too late at first, they had sold out, but then I preceded to check all other cities and finally found it!!!  Woohoo!!! Its the small things in life that get me excited!  So I can purchase the rug this week with over 50% off!!!  YAYAYAYAY!!

Moving on...I have really been thinking and this morning in church God really spoke to me
So little guy can hear now especially those noise close to the belly.  So I have started praying out loud, but today it hit me that I need to be more purposeful about what nugget hears.  I want our little man to know what love is and how to show love.  So I need to make sure that I am showing love and watching my words.  I want to make sure that nugget hears the Word of God and knows HIS presence.  Today in church we went over the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, but today I was brought more to the teaching of being the church everyday.  So I want Sour and I to be that witness to our son and families and friends.  I want us to be what our son sees as the way to treat people and live life.  So may today be the first day to be more purposeful of what sweet nugget hears.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

19 Weeks!

Could it really be already 19 weeks!  We will be half way there next Thursday!  We are flying through this like crazy!  I am finally feeling half way normal again, Praise the Lord.  This whole pregnancy thing really slows down the recovery thing.  No cramping/contractions for like 24 hours now, so that is a whole blessing in itself.  Because I am not going to lie, that was scary.  I know poor little man was starving and mad at me for squeezing him!
So 19 weeks...

  1. Still love PICKLES!!!
  2. Not eating as many pickles because my poor toes turn into sausages sometimes.
  3. We are having a BOY!!!!
  4. Sort of feeling like I should be putting on a little more weight.  If not that, I am sort of ready to have a more prominent belly.  
  5. I think I feel a twinge of a baby movement every now and then but no definite absolute movement yet.  
  6. Besides the bug, still feeling really great! 
  7. So ready to start on the nursery.
All of my clothing research is paying off.  I am actually getting some cute outfits out of my closet every now and then.  I am not good at remembering to take pictures, but I will try to get better.  This weekend I may even take some awkward self photos in a mirror to give some of you soon to be momma's ideas about what to wear.

Speaking of what to wear...Little Boy already has some outfits!  We are being so blessed by all of our friends and families.  I wanted to share some photos of the adorable things nugget has received.
Precious frames I can't wait to put his little face in

Some of the loot.  Giraffe and elephant blankets, lovies, onsies, and oh so soft Patty gowns!

I have also even picked up a couple of accessories for his room
The "S" is for Sour since we don't have a definite name picked out yet

"Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked." Psalm 84:10

PS  One of my BFF's, Megan, found out what she is having today and we get to find out tomorrow!!!  I may have to share some photos!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Bug!

Just a quick apology for being a little slow on the updates. I actually have been in bed for 2 days, but going to try to get up for work tomorrow. I came down with a stomach bug that evidently is going around here in the Port City. I couldn't keep down any food yesterday, but luckily today poor little guy has gotten some foods. The scary part is dehydration leads to cramping/contractions in prego ladies, so that is what I have been dealing with today. I have been chugging fluids! I am feeling a bit better now.
Tomorrow I will try to get you pictures of some of the sweet gifts we have been blessed with and a 19 week update!
If you would say a little prayer for nugget and I, that we will recover quickly. Sour has been nothing but lovely the past 2 days.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Broken Promises

Worst blogger ever.  I apologize to the probably 2 people that have been waiting for the gender reveal.  I promise I would post it yesterday, and I did not.  I was blessed enough for the fam to stay until Saturday, so we had everyone back over for breakfast and did some shopping and swimming.  But now moving on to the fun stuff!

And the answer is...

I had a really cool video of the reveal but it won't upload so I am putting this to my facebook.

Of course, Sour couldn't be more excited that he produced a male offspring.  But everyday that has passed I am getting more and more excited about having a momma's boy.  I grew up playing sports, so I can't wait to play t-ball.  And shoot you teenage boys tend to be a little less crazy than girls.

So we were going to do the colored balloon release, but I realized it had become very popular and if you know me, I don't really like to do what everyone else is doing.  I started to do some brain storming, and came up with this super fun and interactive reveal.  We already had the ginormous box and tons of balloons, so we blew up all different colored balloons and put pieces of paper in some of the balloons.  But the answer was only in one balloon.  So everyone was expecting a big release but instead they had to work for the reveal!  It was so much fun, and we had the best reaction!

I am going to also get used to taking pictures of the baby and for this blog.  I took pre party pics of all the decor, but no pics during the party.  I wanted team blue and team pink pictures, and pics with our family, but no such luck!.  My cousin Darla even brought these adorable pickle shaped cookies that I didn't get a picture of.  So here are the pre-party pics...
Beau or Bow

HErshey's or herSHEy's

Willard in his Big Brother shirt resting up for the party

So there we have it, lil nugget is a BOY!  We can't wait to put a name to his sweet face and start his nursery!  And yes I have now purchased things for this sweet lil stinker!

Today Sour and I are counting our many blessings, including each other.  We are spending some time together unwinding and resting and just soaking in all the overwhelming love.

Friday, August 10, 2012

18 weeks and GENDER!!!!

I know something you don't know!!!!  But you will tomorrow, I promise.  Actually most people that read this will know tonight.  Tonight is the big night!  Sour and I found out the oh so exciting news yesterday.  I wanted to go look at every single baby item yesterday, but the hubs decided me might get seen so we played it cool.  But tonight, we get to shared with our family and friends what lil baby Sour will be. 

It is so amazing to put a gender, face, name, colors, etc to this sweet lil growing miracle.  It helps identify to this growing belly so much.  So watch for a post tomorrow on all things Gender Reveal with tons of pictures plus the answer to the Burning Question!

"Even youths grown tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew theri strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they willwalk and not be faint." Isaiah 40: 30-31

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


really less!!!!  Becaue you think, my appointment is at 0830 on Thursday.  So really its like 36ish hours!  So so so ready.  And 3ish days till the party and all my sweet family is here.  I don't know if I am more excited about sharing the gender with them or them just being here.  We are in full party planning swing, with house cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping, decorating. And the last big thing can't happen till Thursday evening after we finally know.
(yes I am this OCD with preset table with markers saying what goes where)

Let me show you the what I now call "baby closet".

Isn't that the best site you have ever seen.  It makes my heart so happy.  Everyday I am feeling more and more blessed to have been chosen to be this little ones momma.  I am praying daily for God to prepare my heart to be the mother he has called me to be.  Prepare me to raise this precious child in HIS image and with such a strong knowledge of HIS will. It has also definitely been my prayer for the Lord to just prepare my heart to be a wife with a child.  That I do not let my marriage slip away, that I remember that covenant as well.

I have been doing some serious maternity/dressing while pregnant research.  I love clothes!  And this whole process of dressing with a bump, has been discouraging and frustrating.  I am in super save money mode, so buying maternity clothes just seems like so much of a waste of money (because they are so darn expensive).  I was hoping to use a lot of my clothes during this time before the belly really started to grow.  But I am finding it to be a challenge.  I have also been looking at non-maternity clothes for things that I can wear through the pregnancy and hopefully afterwards as well.  So I found some blogs to scour through to give me some inspiration.  Now its time to get creative!  Plus let me just throw this out there, if you have left over maternity clothes or clothes that are too big that you can't wear anymore, please feel free to pass them along!

One last thing, I wanted to share this with you today.  We have "reflections" before each meeting at work and today a lady presented the thought of peace.  And one point she brought up was that worry is actually an action of mistrust of God.  Saying maybe my problems are too big for Him.  I have heard this lesson before.  But as I have a daily worry of something happening to this sweet lil nugget, I remember that He is bigger than my worries, he wants my worries at His feet.
Have a blessed day!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

Something is happening today that almost never gets to happen...Sour is getting to go to church with me!  He works every single Sunday, so us going to church together isn't usually an option.  But today he doesn't have to work till the afternoon (maybe), so off to church we go.  Today is also crafting day, my adorable friends Amy and Jessica will be over this afternoon to hopefully help me finish up all the party crafts.  I worked on some yesterday.
All these sneak peaks, got you curios, huh?  Well don't worry the party is only 5 DAYS away!  Which means finding out what sweet lil nugget is, is only 4 Days away!  Oh My!  I can hardly stand it.  I have been very busy getting the house ready for the influx of people coming our way.  We are up to about 45 people!  We are overwhelmingly blessed.  I washed and cleaned out the garage yesterday.  I tidy up the backyard.  I knew that Sour would do it later on in the week, but I was getting anxious, and wanted to get it done.  I also went on a mini search for a dresser yesterday to act as the changing table.  But no such luck.  So keep your eyes open for a dresser in good condition that I can redo.  I also bought this
If I know anything about my family, its that they love to drink coffee.  Matthew and I don't drink coffee at all, and our last coffee maker pooped out on my parents, so a new one it was.  

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.  If you aren't in church, just be sure to really enjoy your loved ones and appreciate that God woke you up this morning.    

Thursday, August 2, 2012

17 Weeks!

We have hit the 17 week mark exactly today!  But this week also marks a week till we find out what this sweet little bump is!  Here is the 17 week bump!  Yes I am barefoot and pregnant.
So we are officially in party planning mode.  I have a little craft party planned on Sunday with a couple of sweet friends to get some last minute stuff done.  We are being overly blessed by all the people that are helping put this party together which has grown to a hefty 40 people.  I can't wait to post pictures in just a little over a week.
17 Week Updates
Feeling great!!! I have big energy bursts and then I want to lie down for awhile.  Food is my friend!  But no worries to all those people out there, I really am being conscious of my eating habits and trying not to get carried away.  This does bring me to a little observation I have.  Why do people feel like they can comment on the size of your boobs, belly, butt, etc when you are pregnant?  OR comment on there might be twins in there or you might be further along!  Only when you are pregnant do people feel like they have the right to make all these comments.  Or even comment on whether or not they like your names or nursery colors you have picked out.  Okay done with that rant. Moving on!
Still loving pickles but now with the swelling, I am trying to cut down on my intake of the delicious snack.  But I have really been wanting something cold and fruity such as sno cones or popsicles. Which Willard really likes too.
Last post was about Pregnancy Brain.  Sour insisted I post this next picture and see if any one else would think it is a gun in the grass.  I did.
Seeing it again, I stand by my first reaction it looks like a gun, but he contributes it to my recent decline in IQ.

"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."  2 Corinthians 13:14

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pregnancy Brain...

It exist!  I am not sure if you were wondering this or not, but let me clear that up for you.  It is not a wives tale.  It is afflicting many women around the world.  My guess is that the blood has more important places to go now-a-days, so the brain gets a little left out.  Oxygen is on high restriction as well, and evidently Nugget ranks priority number 1.  I am really okay with this, but husband and co-worker, and just general company find it hilarious.
Last night, I was lying in  bed crying over the little Fab Five cuties when the husband calls me into the kitchen.  Conversation before I see the picture:
   Sour: Is there a reason the lid is off the jar of pickles?
   Me:  Not that I know of.  I haven't even had a pickle since I packed my lunch this morning.
Then it hits me, the lid has been off the jar of pickles since about 7:30 this morning.  That is approximately 14 hours that our fridge has soaked up the smell of pickle.  So the jar of pickles is so big that I don't even take it out to get the delicious snacks.  So the picture was the jar of pickles lidless on one shelf and the lid just laying on another shelf minding its own business.  So pretty much I have no sense.

Here is a ridiculous montage of the food I have eaten the past couple of days.

Thought for the Day:
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven"- Luke 6:37