Friday, March 29, 2013


So if I didn't know before, I do now, I have some pretty amazing friends. And all of yall are pretty amazing mommasI got an overwhelming response to yesterday's blog.
And the consensus is: let him make his own schedule right now! That my job just should be loving and nurturing him, there is plenty of time for stricture later. As long as he is fed, happy, warm, and loved he is good to go. And I can safely say, I am doing those things!
I love the mess out of this little boy. My heart explodes with a love and pride that is incomprehensible. And right now, I am going to make that my goal. I don't want to ever question that he is loved and what love looks like.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am going to follow that with a big Ugh! Why do I feel like everyone makes getting a baby on a schedule seem so easy?!?! And why does it make me feel crazy when people ask constantly about my babies schedule?!?!?! And why do people think that 3 months is the magic number for sleeping all night and having a 3 nap schedule and sleeping in his crib!?!?!

This topic literally gives me palpitations and anger. Yes Luke still wakes up at night. I have tried the whole pacify him but he at this point still needs that night feeding. We do have a nighttime routine down fairly well, but that's about as good as we have it.

Since I am going back to work next week, I am really working on the napping thing. He is transitioning to it pretty good. We are getting in about 3 naps a day, but I just have an issue with making him stay awake and getting overtired to make it to the next nap time.

Since he does still wake up at night, we have not transitioned him to his crib. I just can't see myself traipsing upstairs at 3 in the morning when I can just lean over and grab him. And really I don't think his sleep is being compromised by sleeping with us, and I am pretty sure mine would be even more so. Maybe a little selfish on my behalf.

So I am asking for your realistic tips and tricks in setting a schedule, transitioning to the crib, and sleeping through the night. And be honest! Don't act like it happened overnight if it didn't, it doesn't help us new mommies and our anxiety.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's off to the zoo we go!

Luke had his first trip to the zoo on Friday! It was such a pretty day for it! We went to the Tyler zoo, which is the same zoo I went to all the time when I was kid. It was so special to be able to share that with him. Of course I can't wait till he can run around and enjoy all the animals, but nine the less it was fun.
We made it into a family event. Sour, Luke and I met my mom, niece and nephew down there as well as a couple of cousins and their kids and an aunt.
Luke stayed awake a good bit of the time but grabbed a few cat naps here and there, he is such a pro at sleeping through the noise. Luke had no chance of not having vampire skin, considering Sour and I are pale as ghosts, so we had to slather him down with sunscreen. We also have since been on the hunt for a sun hat that doesn't engulf him.
I love getting to experience all these little and not so little things with him, and seeing things through his eyes for the first time.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 months

Really can it be true?!?! Did this little guy enter this world 2 months ago?!?! There is no way that our lives were so dramatically changed only 2 months ago. Did I really experience this life changing love 2 months ago?!?!

In that aspect it feels like I have loved this boy my whole life. He is teaching is just as much as he is learning on a daily basis. I am reminded everyday of all the new things that he is seeing and hearing for the first time. What a beautiful way for God to remind us to stop and soak in all the beauty and enjoy the little things in life. Luke is smelling the rain and Spring for the first time. He is seeing new colors and shapes and movements. He is hearing birds, dogs barking, new people's voices. And I am learning to appreciate it all with him.

We had his 2 month check up today.  He is weighing in a 14lbs 7.5oz and 24.5" long.  He is in the 90th percentile for both.  He had 4 vaccines today, 3 shots and 1 oral.  He did so well!  I did pretreat him with Tylenol just in case, but he cried for maybe 2 minutes after the shots and was asleep before we ever left the office.  Our doctor is amazing she gave us such great tips to keep this as less traumatic as possible.  We used the 5's.  So we swaddled him and let him eat a little right before the shots and then right after.  And it seemed to work like a charm.  He seems to have a very slight fever and he is very sleepy today.  He is more awake lately and today he has gone right back to sleep after each feding.
Luke is:
Awake a lot! He makes sweet giggle noises and smiles a lot. He also hollars! He does this screaming thing just to get your attention. He is a drama king!
He is such a good, easy sleeper. He can literally fall asleep anywhere we leave him. He can sleep through restaurants, shopping trips, Willard barking, etc.
His reflux is getting so much better! We can get through feedings with our either one of us crying! He is pretty much a happy spitter. He still has pretty consistent spit ups but nothing super huge or crazy. Gripe water is still our best friend.
He is losing his hair. And it seems to be coming back lighter. His eyes I think will definitely be blue they are getting lighter daily.
He is only waking up once during the night now.  Which is a huge improvement from our every 2 hour schedule!

We are loving our life as a family of three! I only have 3 more weeks of time at home so I am trying to soak up every minute. Luke we love you more and more everyday!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's coming!

Today was our little guys 2 month birthday! I have a whole post written, and I took his 2 month pictures today. I of course can't find the USB cord to download the pictures to the computer. And of course I decided to use my real camera! So here are some pictures and look forward to the post hopefully in a couple of days

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3 years

No I didn't jump ahead to Luke's 3rd birthday, today is mine and Sour's 3rd anniversary.  And this month marks 6 years that we have been together.  I still ask myself daily how I have been so blessed with this man.  I have literally prayed for my husband since I was a young girl.  I have picked some good and not so great potentials along the way, but none compare to this man who has stolen my heart and soul.  I had always heard that a man wasn't supposed to complete me, but I find that to be completely untrue.

God created Eve to "complete" Adam because he needed a helpmate.  Well God did good!  In Sour, he has created the most perfect completion of me.  I am a better me.  I can love deeper, laugh harder, and be content in who I am.  I truly love this man more today than in 2007 when he first showed me what it was like to be chased.  And lucky for me he has chased after my heart everyday since.

This year we get to celebrate these years of marriage with our new addition.  When I look into Luke's face, I see nothing but Sour and the face of God.  What a beautiful collaboration.  Do I feel more complete as a mother?  Absolutely.  But only because I am the mother of Sour's child. 

God, thank you for this man.  Thank you for the blessing he is to me and to our child.  I pray that I am being the wife that You have called me to be.  I pray that I am loving him as You love the church.  I pray that I allow him to lead this family and me.