Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happiest Baby

Sour and I just attended our second baby class. This one was by far more helpful. There is a book called Happiest Baby on the Block, this class was based on that book. We got to practice swaddling and the 4 other S's. Which are Side, Shushing, Swing, Sucking. The really odd one out of these is the shushing. You are supposed to do it as loudly as the baby is crying right in their ear! It looks strange! But these 5 things are supposed to calm our baby when they are freaking out, so Sour and I will try anything!

So if you see us shushing loudly into Luke's ear, don't judge it might be working!

So I have just 2 breast feeding classes left. And then it will be just hanging out waiting for baby!

One of my BFF's, Megan , posted this the other day and I thought I would follow suit! I have making lists and packing bags like crazy for Luke, Sour, and I for the hospital. It's honestly giving me anxiety trying make sure we be enough but not too much. So all you momma's and soon to be momma's out there, share with me what you packed or will pack!

This is going into the nursery! Our sweet cousin Julia made these letters. 


  1. Love the LUKE letters! So bright and perfect for the nursery...which I need to come see!!!!

  2. We shushed like crazy, and our kids LOVED it. The grandparents weren't so excited, and commented daily on how were were going to cause them permanent hearing and/or brain damage. So far, they are still alive. :)

    I wish I had some great packing tips, but I don't. My bag wasn't packed when I got admitted, and Paul brought stuff up bit by bit over the next week!

    1. hahaha! I can imagine our parents giving us the same looks!

      You did packing about the same way half of the blogs I have read say to. They say dad's can always run back and forth for anything you need.