Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Growing Baby

Going to do picture overload so be warned! 

Luke does new stuff daily! And I can't get enough of him. I could stare at him non-stop! Obsessed really! Everything he does is precious, even his fussiness (usually when it's over)! 

He does the cutest stuff, and I love getting glimpses of his personality. So here are some pictures of his fabulous self. 

Friday, May 17, 2013


This little guy has had no trouble transitioning to some solid foods!  We have done 4 days in a row of oatmeal at dinner time and he is wondering why we have been holding out on him!!!
We appreciate and welcome any advice about introducing solids! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

4 and more

Yesterday marked 4 magical months with our blessing. Years usually fly by fast, but this one in particular has zoomed by! Can it really be May?!?! Can it really be my first Mommy's day tomorrow? 
Well let me tell you, being Luke's mom has forever changed my heart and life and I don't need any stinking gifts! 

This baby  is growing into such a fun little boy. I love seeing his personality blossom daily. He has a serious side about him, evidenced by is very concentrated stare and his furrowed eyebrows.  But man is he a silly goose! He loves to hear himself talk, the louder the better! He is a big fan of his tongue and sticking it out. He loves to make spit bubbles and chew on his fingers.  He has a tickle spot running up his ribs.  His smile is infectious and his squeal is contagious. Bath times are the best. The more we can splash and kick the better.  

Luke loves his Johnny Jump Up and has recently started sitting in his walker.  He is hating laying down, he thinks he is too big for that. It's only a matter of time till he is rolling over, because he loves doing "sit ups"! Tummy time isn't his favorite but he deals with it in short increments. He loves Mondays with Mimi. And he is getting plenty of lessons from Dad during the week. 

We still sleep in the pack-n-play in mommy and daddy's room. He still wakes up about every 3 hours to eat. We are going to start trying some oatmeal to fill our tummy up more.  He weighed in at  a whopping 17.5lbs and a little over 27". That's 90th percentile in weight and 95th in height. He is a trooper with shots. Easily consoled and just a little fussy during the day.  

My heart feels like it could burst with love.  I have more love for Sour than I thought possible. I love seeing him as a daddy and taking the responsibility of watching him during the week.  

A quarter of his first year has passed us by, I hope he never questions the love we have for him or how it grows daily.