Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stir Crazy

So it's official, I am getting a little house claustrophobic. I at moments really enjoy laying around watching TV, but those moments are fleeting now. I am used to being very productive and making things up for me to do to be productive.

I am feeling pretty useless here lately. Yes I know I am a new mommy and not useless at all considering he is attached to my boob 24/7, but I need to feel needed in other ways! And I am in desperate need of a shopping trip. I still have about 15 pounds to lose to get back to per-baby (and a lot of toning up!), but I still would like some new pretties in my closet.

To start feeling like myself again, I put my diamond earrings in yesterday and today I put on mascara and painted my fingernails! Slowly but surely I am getting back to my old self again.

But here are some pictures of my little man, which he makes it all more than worth it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Best Husband award goes to...

Mine! He really is such a blessing. I don't think I brag on him near enough, even though he deserves it every single day.

During the entire pregnancy he was my hero. He waited on me day to day: making and bringing me dinner to bed, dealing with my crazy hormonal self, and simply loving me.

And he has been even more than what I could have hoped for since Luke arrived (btw it's 2 weeks today!). Yes with me breast feeding it does take away some of his responsibility, but that hasn't deterred him. He has been on the ball with food and making sure I always have water. And sending me to bed, listening to sad hormonal moments, being patient with me, being supportive of me, and in general loving me. Last night he stepped up once again. He sent me to bed at 10pm and did the 1am feeding by himself. That means I slept about 5 hours! I haven't slept that long in a row since maybe 32 weeks!

Needless to say I am beyond blessed by Matthew's presence, love, patience, and that God selected me to be his helpmate.
He is turning into the best daddy and already is the most amazing husband could ask for.

Friday, January 18, 2013

One week!

Yesterday our little guy had officially been on this earth for a week! I cannot quite wrap my head around the fact that I have been a momma for a week! That this perfect mixture of Sour and I has shaken up our world, finally.
This week has been so full of tons of emotions: exhaustion, joy, excitement, frustration, unpreparedness, and pure love.
I didn't know a love like this could happen so quickly. Of course I love Sour bigger than this world but that happened over time. This love happened the minute he was placed on my chest. When they say your adrenaline kicks in right after delivery, I call that love and joy.
Luke has turned our world upside down. He has ruined our nights sleep effectively., but boy has he captured our hearts.

We would like to give a huge thanks and hugs and love out to everyone that has visited, brought food, gone shopping, or just simply checked in on us. We appreciate each everyone of you and your acts of kindness.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EAT, sleep, and poop

So EAT might as well be a four letter word! It has become my arch nemesis. It seems to happen more often then the sleep and poop. I put a lot of thought into the decision to breast feed. As a NICU nurse, I know all the benefits and perks of breast milk and breast feeding. I also came in (what I thought) prepared for the bumps in the road because of what I saw moms go through.
Well let me tell you all the talks and research and what I thought I knew, has not prepared me! On a daily basis, I feel like I have no clue what I am doing! I am a rule follower, I love rules! And breast feeding has no set rules. Each baby and each momma are completely different.
I have no clue when I am supposed to switch sides, when he is finished, how to fix a bad latch, and etc. And on top of that I am supposed to feed a 10lb baby!!! And my boobs are officially bowling balls sitting on my chest.
But saying all that, I love having built in snuggle time every 2-3 hours. I love those sweet moments when I can sequester myself and just love on my sweet boy. I was skeptical of the "bond" they spoke of between moms and breast fed babies. I am now a believer!
So as Luke and I go on this journey of both of us learning how to do this together, I am cherishing every exhausted, joyous, painful moment.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Birth Story

Wednesday January 9th 2:30pm: our weekly appointment. I was 39 and 5, praying for at least a little bit of progress! I didn't know if I could hold off another induction. No progress except for a little more effacement. Sour asked the all important question about Luke's size and about going over our due date. Well the truth came out that if I were to go till next Wednesday (our next weekly appointment) that I might have to get induced anyway and that Luke might be at a size that I couldn't push him out. I was still was against using pitocin at this point. Dr. Kinder said he really thought I needed to go ahead and have this baby. He said he he thought I was enough effaced and Luke definitely being low enough that cytotec would work and hopefully that's all we would have to use. After Matthew and I asked a bajillion questions and we were left alone to talk and pray, we decided to go in at midnight to start the process of having Luke.

Midnight: We go in to go ahead get labs and and IV (my first ever) and get settled in. I get on the fetal heart monitor and realize that I have been contracting every 5-6 minutes without knowing.

4am Thursday January 10th: nurse comes in and places Cytotec. I have not dilated on my own and my contractions stayed from 5-6 minutes apart.

Time from 4-7:45ish am: contraction get intense!!! They go to about every 1-2 minutes. They even have to give me a bolus of fluids to slow the contractions down. Because the cytotec was a little over effective. Even though I thought I had ruined it because I got up to pee after it was placed (I didn't know I wasn't supposed to) and they had only placed half of a cytotec anyway.

7:45ish: Dr. Kinder comes in to check me and break my water. I am about a 3-4 and fully effaced.

7:45-1100am: My contractions are consistently less than a minute apart. And Super strong. Somewhere along the way I asked if we could predict how much longer I had because I didn't know if could make it without medicine. They check and I was still just a 4. So Dr. Kinder ordered some staydol (which I won't take again) instead of a pain medicine. So I get some sleep in between contractions but wake up in severe pain! I move like crazy all over the bed trying to deal with the pain. I constantly ask what time it is because the staydol has me so confused. I go from a 5-10 in about 30 minutes. My doctor walks in panting because he had sprinted across the parking lot from his office. And it was time to push. I only had to push for 20 minutes or so. And it was hard (he was 10lbs).

1126: The minute he was born a feeling of pure joy came over me! One is the sweetest moments and will be one of the sweetest memories, will be that the doctor just placed him on my chest and I was able to suction him and clean him off and warm him up. He never had to go to the warmer. I was able to breast feed with in 30 minutes of birth. It was such an amazing experience to be able to love on him so quickly. It really is such a miracle from God, that you go from that much pain to pure euphoria of bringing such a beautiful piece of life into this world.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Luke Edwin Sour

He is here!!! He is a real live boy! Our little man made his arrival on 1/10/13 at 1126am. He is a whopping 10lbs and 22.5" long. Yes, I did birth a toddler!

He is perfect in every way possible. 2 extremely big hands with 10 ridiculously long fingers. 2 grown men feet with 10 long monkey toes. Blue eyes (at the moment), what looks like brown hair at the moment. He still has some redness to him so he isn't as pale as mom and dad yet. We think he has dad's nose and mom's lips. Basically, I am pretty sure he is the cutest baby I have ever seen!

He has already proven to be pretty laid back. He is easily consolable, likes to be left alone, and quite the eater. If left alone, he sleeps through all the crazy visitors and noise.

In the next couple of days, I will try to post our birth story and how we got to D-day! Today we are going home from the hospital! So mommy and daddy are going to try to focus what the heck to do with a baby at the house!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

39 weeks and still going!

So we are still here and still pregnant! We had an appointment on Wednesday and we are definitely making progress and getting ready, but not enough to have a baby. We were offered an induction for yesterday morning, but we said no. But believe you and me, it was very tempting for many reasons.

1. I could be holding my sweet little boy right now.
2. I would not be pregnant any more and hopefully a good (at least) 10lbs lighter.
3. My OB is actually on call this weekend so I knew he would be the one to deliver Luke.

We are believing in God's timing and knowing He knows best! I am trying oh so hard to put my selfishness aside. Plus if I gave into an induction, I would basically have to give in to an epidural too, and so often inductions lead to c-sections. So there went all my rants and raves I have been giving the past few months! And if know me at all, I don't like to give in and be wrong! Lol

My momma has been the super supportive person through this whole thing. So thanks, Momma, you are the best, I am so appreciative.

And some really exciting news from the appointment: I lost weight! Woohoo!
So basically we are just hanging out and waiting. We have an appointment next Wednesday again, we will be almost 40 weeks. Next Friday is our due date. So we will see then what the plan and next step is.

39 weeks brings:
Still pregnant!!!