Friday, September 28, 2012


25 weeks! That's so cool to say!

25 brings
A very itchy belly
Which means a whole lot of coco butter
Starting to get dates for baby showers, eeeekkkkkkk
A whole lot of bad attitude days (I really do hate them, it makes me feel so bad for family and friends)
A very active Luke

Speaking of Luke moving, Sour felt him for the first time!!! It was so exciting for me to finally share that with him. I have felt our little guy for about 3 weeks now. Every little roll and flip brings so much joy to me, it reminds me of the miracle that we have the privilege to be apart of. So no my poor belly is so tight, you can see my tummy move every time Luke moves. So last night we are sitting watching TV and my belly is jumping all over the place and Sour freaks out! Hahaha! Then I got him to feel for awhile and then Luke went crazy! Sour jumped away so fast! It was hilarious! He had been trying to feel for awhile now but Luke stops the minute we pay attention to him.

One of the best memories so far! My sweet friends are having their gender reveal tomorrow! So excited, pretty sure it's a girl, maybe? They have known since Tuesday!

I will get a 25 week picture up this weekend sometime.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Man this is moving fast!

The pregnancy is zooming by.  I get palpitations every time I think about it only being like 3 months away.  3 months guys!  And that is right in the middle of the holidays!  So I am being a little crazy about getting the nursery getting done.  In my head, I want Luke's room to be done by the end of October (except obviously for little odds and ends), because in November showers start and then the holidays roll in.  So when the showers start I want a room to put all of the sweet little baby things.  I want all the socks and blankets and burp clothes to have a home to go to, a special basket or drawer designated just to them.

I really think it all boils down to control...right now I am not feeling in control of anything.  My body is changing every day, doing crazy things that I have no control of.  I don't get to decide when this little guy is going to come.  I am just at the mercy of the Lord!

So I can control the nursery being done.  I can control it getting painted and all the pictures hung and all the clothes being washed and organized.  Speaking of organization, look at these cuties I got in the mail the other day.
I found some left over Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards from getting married (yes that was over 2 years ago) and those can be used at Buy Buy Baby.  So I found these totes, and just had to have them!

Do you know what isn't moving very fast?  The bathroom. Today we have walls.
But that is about the most of the excitement.  Hopefully by the end of the week we will have cabinets.  Here is hoping some patience kicks in soon.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look, Look, Look!

This might be one of the best sights I have ever seen (right behind seeing Sour at the alter, and seeing Luke on the screen for the first time).
Yes the is the bed put together with all the bedding on it!  EEKKKK!  So exciting.  I immediately took it all of so I could wash it and it wouldn't get paint fumes all over it, but I just had to see it on.  It is everything I wanted it to be.  It is going to look perfect with grey walls, and I can't wait to see it all together.

My parents were in town this weekend, so we did our usual shopping (bought the crib mattress) and running around, but then I put them to work.  We took stuff to Goodwill and put stuff in the attic.  So the nursery closet is officially just baby stuff now.  It was just good all around mom and dad time.  Nothing special,  but that is the best thing about having them here, it feels like home.  

Hopefully this week we will not here back from the Doc meaning my glucose test went lovely.  We go back October 17th for just a normal check up, but the next week is another US appointment.  Those are my favorite!  I can't wait to see Luke getting so big and real.

Here is the promised 24 week picture
As you can see, Willard is as in awe of the size of the belly as I am.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

24 Weeks

We hit 24 weeks today!  Do you know what that means?  I had to take the dreaded glucola test today...dun.dun.dun!

News flash it wasn't that bad at all! It was 10oz of really sweet fruit punch cool-aid.  I drank it like in 2 minutes didn't even flinch and haven't felt bad all day.  So all those prego ladies who are dreading it, don't listen to all the negative nellies, its totally doable!

But other updates are:

  • feeling great
  • getting and feeling very pregnant
  • loving pretty much all foods
Not a whole lot of new stuff going on in the nursery.  I am planning on couple of new DIY's for this next week that I will be showing.  Mom and dad are bringing in the bedding tomorrow!  We NEED to paint!  

Bathroom has been at a stand still most of the week.  Monday and Tuesday they redid the electricity and lighting in the room.  Until then we have been waiting on the bathroom fixtures so plumbers could come. 

They came in today!  So plumbers will be here tomorrow and Saturday.  Then Monday, he will start putting the bathroom back together!  

Crazy busy week.  I will get some belly pictures to you this weekend, sometime. I did get fun stuff in the mail today.  Birthday presents and did some early Christmas shopping!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Its all gone!

The bathroom that is!  They tore it all out in one day!  SOOOOOOOO exciting.  Yes it was supposed to be all gone on Tuesday but it got pushed back to Thursday.  Monday comes electricity and then the plumbing.  Thursday evening we finalized all the plumbing fixtures and they were ordered on Friday.  Its actually happening, finally happening!  A 3 year plan, coming into play!  A big WooHOO!

So this is what it looks like now...
No more awful pink wallpaper!  No more tiny shower and awful 80's counter top!

Luckily there was not tons of dust all in the bedroom, but Sour is so wonderful it went in there and vacuumed  and dusted the whole room after they left.  The house is pretty much in shambles from the torn up bathroom, the plastic in our bedroom, the misplaced bathroom items all over the house, and the random attic and give away piles from getting the nursery ready.  

But I will take the shambles any day for the super exciting results of a sweet baby room and a brand new bathroom!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to...

Me!  I am 27 years old  and 23 weeks prego!  I am feeling so overwhelmingly blessed today.  I am growing the best gift ever.  Can't believe this time next year I will be having a sweet little guy to share it with me!  My mom and dad couldn't be with me today so they sent me these beautiful and good smelling flowers!
I got the sweetest call this morning from my mom and niece and nephew singing me happy birthday!  And Sour woke up to give me a present from Luke and Willard.  And now we are all dressed up and ready to go eat with my parents in law! This is me dressed up!
Had a great birthday dinner last night, one tonight and get to have another family dinner on Sunday night.  And the parents will be here Saturday.  Feeling so blessed and loved!  Thank you for all the love you have shown me and our little guy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday

So lovely day at church (really good food for thought sermon), delicious lunch with some small cousins and a great aunt (thanks DORA), and now a possible nap!  And this evening a fun boat ride and hamburgers at the in-laws.

One of the best parts of the day is feeling Luke wiggle and kick.  I have been a little on the worried side (okay freaking out) about not really feeling him move consistently.  I had felt some flutters every now and then but everything says you really should start feeling your little nugget's very distinctive movements by 22 weeks.  So over the past few days I have been praying constantly that God would just give me peace (and some movement).  Well this morning our little guy has been climbing a jungle gym!  It started first thing this morning and continued through church.  A peace that passes all understanding!

One more thing to share.  This is for my sister!  Thanks for the pants, they are perfect!

Have a blessed Sunday! 

My birthday is 3 days away!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy Saturday

Now I need a nap!  So I have put a good dent into the nursery and closet cleaning out.  I have made many piles around the house.  Sour is going to be very excited to see all the trips to the attic is going to need to make.  And if any one is having a garage sale we have few random items that could be added to it, otherwise that is a trip to the Goodwill.  So here is what the closet looks like!
That is attic stuff you see and baby stuff in the baby closet, eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!  That is my excited squeal!
Well if you thought all that was impressive, wait till I tell you what else I have been doing.  We finally are getting our Master Bath redone!  They are starting on it on Tuesday!  A big WooHOO for that.  But that means the bathroom needs to be completely cleaned out because it is being completely gutted.  It is going to be such a cool change.  I will definitely keep you up to date with pictures.  We are thinking from gutting to finish it will take about a month.  So that means this prego girl will have to traipse upstairs for showers and such.  Luckily we do have a half bath downstairs so I will not tee tee on myself.  This is the packing up and a before picture rolled into one.
Yes that is really awful pink wallpaper and 80's countertop that we will be saying goodbye to on Tuesday!
I hope yall are having a productive/relaxing weekend!  

PS Some joyous and sad things have happened over the past couple of days.  So just remember to pray in to the good and bad times. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

22 Weeks

or just about.  Techincally tomorrow will be 22 weeks.  As a former NICU nurse, I can feel 23 week sneak up on us and can feel a little bit of weight lifting off my shoulders.  Granted not tons because I know that a 23 weeker comes with tons of hard decisions and difficulties, but at least we are viable.

So 22 week update:

  • pretty much no food diversions.  Literally I could eat anything you put in front of me and pretty much want to eat anything you put in front of me.
  • still loving pickles but I have cut back a bit because I am getting some puffiness in my legs.
  • I have no full button, I pretty much stop eating just because I am tired.
  • My belly button is flat.  The only place it has to go is out
  • I definitely finally feel pregnant.  Getting some reflux, swelling, a bigger by the day swelling.  And yes I am plenty aware I have tons of time left.
  • I would do all this over a bajillon times knowing that it will get nugget here safe and sound
  • WE HAVE A NAME!    Luke Edwin Sour
  • on the 20th we will be 24 weeks and have to do the glucose test at the Docs.
I am in full baby room planning mode!  Look what has happened to the room over the past couple of days...

Half put together crib (the best husband in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  and the guest bed is gone (best husband in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).   Now we need to buy the paint and get it on the walls.  The bedding is supposed to be a my parents house this week (best parents in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  

This next picture maybe the cutest, sweetest, makes my heart jump for joy picture I have ever seen.
We have enough baby clothes and blankets to actually wash.  Love seeing all these precious little things folded up in the basket.  Luke officially got spoiled this weekend by my mom and dad and sister with sweet little outfits.  And plenty of them have giraffes on them!!!  I just can't pass up an adorable giraffe.

I can't wait to keep updating you on the nursery and hopefully doing some more crafts soon.  I am planning on doing a fun girls night party soon, so I will have some fun party pictures and ideas too.

PS my birthday is a week from today!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


So very sorry for the little blog vacation.  I got a lovely 4 day weekend from work that I have spent in good ole Sulphur Springs.  I have been living the ultimate country life the past couple of days.  Friday we did some fishing in a pond with my Aunt Sandra. Yesterday had a wedding shower for my baby cousin and then did some skeet shooting!   No nugget and I did not partake in the shooting activities.  And yes we were covered in bug spray.

So over the past week or so I have really had the concept of faith on my heart and mind, and God confirmed that by making it a Sunday school lesson this morning.  And the last song we heard fbefore we walked in to church was Hope's Anthem. Which has been one of my favorite songs lately. 

Where does your hope lie? Where does your hope come from?  What is hope to you? 

Is hope just wishful thinking? Is it just thinking something might happen? 

According to my God, hope has a purpose! Hope is expecting the outcome.   Because my God has promised a future, my hope lies in Him. 

Maybe you are thinking your hope lies in your children or family or job, but where did all those things come from?  They are blessings that God has given you responsibility of.  So are we thanking God for all those things, are we giving God the credit and glory for these things, are we taking care of all these responsibilities?  

You can't have hope in these things without having hope in God, knowing He is where are future lies.  He is our purpose. 

As I bring this sweet little baby into this world, I have to remember that God will have his own purpose for him.  He is entrusting us in raising him, and brining him up to know and love Him.  So I can put my hope into this blessing have to put it into the Father.  

Just food for thought.