Wednesday, December 26, 2012

That Time of the Week Again

So today was the weekly check in all of its loveliness! The weekly appointments are bittersweet. I love having something to look forward to and it makes the time go by quickly, but then when nothing super new or exciting happens its kind of a let down.

This weeks check was a mixture, we are definitely making progress but nothing super exciting. I am not one to post my effacement and dilation but basically we are good but will be pregnant another week.

I am going to go on a rant for a minute. I do want a "natural" birth, meaning no induction, no epidural and vaginal. I have made these decisions because of Luke, not because I am trying to prove anything to anybody. I want the least amount of interventions for Luke because I have seen the negative side effects of extra medicine or bringing the baby into the world too early. Saying all that, I am still a nurse and a NICU nurse that, so I understand that the health of Luke comes first! So whatever needs to happen to get him here safe and sound, then that is what we will do. So I really don't think I will be disappointed if extra interventions have to be done.

Also as much as I want Luke to be here so I can meet him, love on him, and stare at him, I do want him to be fully cooked! I am uncomfortable and ready to get rid of some weight, but his timing outweighs my selfishness. So although we had been told he might be here by the end of the year, we are okay with him hanging out for awhile longer.

We do thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts as the time we welcome Luke draws near!

Adding a picture of Luke and I on Christmas Eve.

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