Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I can officially say that getting a cold when you are pregnant is miserable. Along with reflux, and uncomfortability, I can add to hit a sore throat, congestion, and cough.  And barely any decent medicine to help.  But we had a OB appointment today, and little man sounds good!  So I will push through because he is more than worth it.  It hit me today (very hard) that time is dwindling away!  I start going to the doc every 2 weeks now.  We get to see Luke next appointment which is on Halloween.  We will be 30 weeks on that appointment, which means only 10 more weeks.  Aaaahhhhh!  Its really happening.

So I have realized that my fears are not really the labor and delivery part or even him being here.  I fear screwing him up.  I fear something awful happening to him in the future.  I fear I won't give him just the right balance of discipline and love.  I fear I we won't be the examples we are meant to be.

I can't control these things, so I have decided to give those over to the Lord.  Just praying for his safety and future daily knowing God has it under control.

What I can control, I am being a crazy pants about.  So the room is painted, just needs to be touched up.  And hopefully that will be finished up within the week so this weekend of nothing, I can do some decorating and organizing in the room. The room is the best gray!  It even makes the room look bigger.

The bathroom is making progress. After some set backs today and yesterday we are kind of at a stand still.  But the glass for the shower should be in and done in 7-10 days and that should be the last thing.  So there is an end in site.  The bathroom does have a toilet that we can use now!  That is a big WOOHOO!!! Here are some more pictures.

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