Friday, October 12, 2012

27 weeks!

Can it really be? We are already at 27 weeks?!?!
Everything is lovely really. I have a few days here and there of not feeling spectacular, but no huge symptoms. Still absolutely no food aversions. Could eat anything you set in front of me and usually do. I made the mistake of stepping on a scale in Bed Bath And Beyond the other day. I just laughed so I wouldn't cry.
I have never seen that number in my life. Even in my large college days.
Appointment next week and then I think I switch to every 2 week appointments.
Luke is a mover! A crazy pants to be exact! There aren't many moments when he is not rolling and kicking. It's strange but very cool.

Here are a couple of bump pictures. The first is my shoes barely peeking out from my belly.

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