Thursday, October 4, 2012

14 weeks To Go!

(Approximately)  That does not seem like very long at all guys!  So I missed a 25 week picture but here is 26 week belly
Yep it is getting pretty impressive!  So 26 weeks feeling like the 3rd trimester.  Starting to feel the uncomfortability, some swelling, not sleeping as well, all the joys the 3rd trimester I have heard brings.  But all and all I still feel pretty good.  No call from the Doc a couple of weeks ago means no Diabetes!  Woohoo!  Which is good because my eating is definitely not getting any better.  I still don't feel like I eat a lot just all the time.  The full button just does not exist.  Nothing more is really happening to the nursery, much to my shagrin.  I really am ready to have it painted but hopefully that will get done within the next couple of weeks.  The goal is still to have Luke's room by the end of the month.  I have shower dates which is super exciting!  I can't wait to see all the sweet baby things!  I did get the curtains in!  And we have painted a sample of grey on the wall.  Both the curtain color and paint color are perfect!  Exactly what I had in my head.
These are the curtains.  They are a great orangey red.  I couldn't get the paint on the wall to photograph well, so you will have to wait till the whole room is painted.

In other news the bathroom got painted today!  By the end of the day tomorrow, the cabinets and counter will be in as well as the lights above the mirror!  I will get you a picture of that soon.

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  1. Love the belly!! 14 weeks sounds like NO time at all! Oh my gosh!! He will be here before you know it!!!