Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

Something is happening today that almost never gets to happen...Sour is getting to go to church with me!  He works every single Sunday, so us going to church together isn't usually an option.  But today he doesn't have to work till the afternoon (maybe), so off to church we go.  Today is also crafting day, my adorable friends Amy and Jessica will be over this afternoon to hopefully help me finish up all the party crafts.  I worked on some yesterday.
All these sneak peaks, got you curios, huh?  Well don't worry the party is only 5 DAYS away!  Which means finding out what sweet lil nugget is, is only 4 Days away!  Oh My!  I can hardly stand it.  I have been very busy getting the house ready for the influx of people coming our way.  We are up to about 45 people!  We are overwhelmingly blessed.  I washed and cleaned out the garage yesterday.  I tidy up the backyard.  I knew that Sour would do it later on in the week, but I was getting anxious, and wanted to get it done.  I also went on a mini search for a dresser yesterday to act as the changing table.  But no such luck.  So keep your eyes open for a dresser in good condition that I can redo.  I also bought this
If I know anything about my family, its that they love to drink coffee.  Matthew and I don't drink coffee at all, and our last coffee maker pooped out on my parents, so a new one it was.  

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.  If you aren't in church, just be sure to really enjoy your loved ones and appreciate that God woke you up this morning.    

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