Sunday, August 19, 2012

Its a GIRL!

For my sweet friend, Megan and her hubs.  I knew it!  So our little guy and their sweet princess can be a cute little couple!  Maybe we will just do an arranged marriage.  The party was adorable with a "Waddle it Be?" theme and cute little duckies everywhere.

So I promised some pics of some outfits.  Well the truth is I managed to capture the weekends outfits but no more.  But at least its a couple of belly pics to keep you updated.  One of my friends says it looks like I have finally popped.
Old Navy dress (which now I wish I owned in every color, super comfortable)

Dress my sweet mom got me and should actually work for a long time into this pregnancy
Next week we will be 20 weeks!  Half way there! 
So I have mentioned my cheapness lately, but this cheap girl got a victory yesterday.  My friend mentioned a Groupon for, which is a website I have found the rug I am in love with!  I was too late at first, they had sold out, but then I preceded to check all other cities and finally found it!!!  Woohoo!!! Its the small things in life that get me excited!  So I can purchase the rug this week with over 50% off!!!  YAYAYAYAY!!

Moving on...I have really been thinking and this morning in church God really spoke to me
So little guy can hear now especially those noise close to the belly.  So I have started praying out loud, but today it hit me that I need to be more purposeful about what nugget hears.  I want our little man to know what love is and how to show love.  So I need to make sure that I am showing love and watching my words.  I want to make sure that nugget hears the Word of God and knows HIS presence.  Today in church we went over the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, but today I was brought more to the teaching of being the church everyday.  So I want Sour and I to be that witness to our son and families and friends.  I want us to be what our son sees as the way to treat people and live life.  So may today be the first day to be more purposeful of what sweet nugget hears.  


  1. You are adorable!!!! Love the first dress especially!! And yes, you have popped! I love it!! Hooray for sweet boy and girl babies!!! Ahhh, I can't wait for them to grow up together!!!!

  2. Me either!!! We need to do some shopping together! They can have cute little matching outfits!