Thursday, August 23, 2012

Half Way There!

Oh My WOW!!! I can't believe we have hit 20 weeks!  It feels like we just told all of our family and friends. Well lets catch you up on the 20 week perks
  • Belly is growing!  My belly button is almost flat!
  • No food aversions really at all.  Still loving pickles and pretty much any cold beverage (icees, limeades, ocean water, sno cones).  I have my days where I can just eat normal not too much more, but then you have days like Sunday where I had cinnamon cake for breakfast, sonic for lunch, taco bell for dinner, then a popsicle and a chocolate shake and some snacks in the middle of all that.  
  • Had a Doc appointment today, baby HR 151, my BP is great, and 5lb weight gain in a months time. Anatomy scan was perfect from a couple of weeks ago.  He is growing right on time.
  • Next month I have to do the glucola test :(.  I am nervous about it, hoping its not miserable for me or little one. 
  • Sour asked the Doc today if I could drink a caffeinated bevarage, because I have not had one in like 16+ weeks.  He said of course!  So I plan on partaking in one soon.
So some super exciting news...My MIL (mother in law), really my parents-in-law, are fantastic!  They are more than a blessing and more than bless us.  Actually we are getting a whole new bathroom because of a sweet Christmas gift (I will keep you posted on those changes as well, it is going to be o-mazing). Now they have gone one more step, they are letting me pick out our very own crib.  She, with my mom and dad, are making my dream nursery come true.  We are going crib, plus some other stuff, shopping on Saturday.  I thought I would show you some of the nursery finds so far
The BEDDING!!! My parents are making this happen

The rug came in!  Isn't is perfect?!?!?
I do have a question...Is it too early to go ahead and start registering?  I know showers are a ways off but I feel like I want to get on the ball with it and not wait till last minute.

So I am still on my mission to watch my words and actions.  So I challenge all of you to make that intentional in your life as well.  Make sure you are being the person you want the world to see, the person you want your kid to be like.  


  1. I LOVE the rug!! Thank God for amazing families. :)

    It's absolutely not too early to start registering. The first day we went, I had a mini-breakdown in Toys-R-Us because I was so ovewhelmed, and we had to finish scanning another day. I would highly recommend starting early before you get too uncomfortable- you want it to be fun and the longer you wait, the more it will feel like a chore. Good luck!

    1. Well I took your advice. I started registering at Ladies in Waiting yesterday, and getting it started in small spurts, because I can so see myself getting overwhelmed.

  2. Congrats on being halfway there! How exciting! I am pretty sure that the minute I know what gender baby I am having I will absolutely be registering so I don't think there is a "too early to register" ;)

    1. Thank you! I know I started registering this weekend! I couldn't wait any longer!