Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We have a DATE!!!

We finally have a the date so we can plan the gender reveal party!!!  The magical day is August 9th!!!  But unfortunately all you guys will have to wait for August 10th.  The Lord definitely showed some favor in this because my mom and dad and sister (and hopfully grandmother and some more family) will be able to come!
This is such a blessing because I did not want to do it without them.  I am not excited about holding a secret for a day and a half but shoot, I figure if I can hold a secret for 8 weeks than I can do this for 36 hours.  So let the party planning begin!  Here are some sneak peaks from what's to come for the party.  

 I have mentioned Sour a couple of times, but I have yet to mention what a gift of God he has been in my life.  He really does make me a better person and completes that one little piece that was missing.  I am more carefree, and honestly, more myself when I am around him.  I am so excited to bring a child in this world that will be a crazy mixture of us both.  I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed to be able to raise a child with him.  Today he reminded my all over again why I am the Lucky One.  I got home and he had cleaned and repainted the bassinet.  And yes he even researched for infant friendly paint.  So it is almost baby ready!
Today is just a day of being able to recognize God's hand in my life without a question in mind.  We heard that sweet little heart beat today, I am blessed with best friend/cousin who went me today, and just knowing that I am living in HIS mercy and grace.

Have a blessed day!

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