Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Started!

Hello friends, family, and hope soon-to-be friends! So this is the FIRST post! 
Sorry, I will not continue to over use exclamation points.  I have been wanting to start blogging for awhile, but just haven't gotten up the nerve before now. I can give a good bit of credit to Megan, who badgered me to start one. So the hubs and I
This is us on our Wedding Day over 2 years ago!

 are adding a sour patch kid to our family, 
This is the lil nugget at 7 weeks.  Just a tiny spot.

 what a better time to start a blog to let everybody in on the fun and craziness! I am hoping to show how we plan and do our gender reveal party (which is getting so close), planning the nursery, how I dress the growing by the day belly, and how God leads us down this path called love!


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I have never been more excited in my life!!!!!!!! Hooray for this SOUR blog and that sweet little SOUR baby!!!! Next week we need to print you a new picture that shows how big that little baby is now!!! So glad you started this blog!!! Love you!!

    1. Love you! I will give you full credit for the starting of the blog! Yes we need to get a picture next week!