Friday, July 27, 2012

16 weeks!

I have to admit something.  I am a little bitter that most women in this part of their pregnancies get to find out what they are having, and I have to wait 2 more weeks! But then I remember all of my blessings so far, and I enjoy the process.  I remember that some babies never make it to 16 weeks, and then I don't know care what the heck he/she is as long as we still are trucking along.  So thank you Lord for this sweet lil nugget that I promise to raise in your image!  I am also in love (not in a romantic way, that would be weird) with my OB.  He may be the only doc that could put up with my crazy pants ways.
At 16 weeks, I have already discussed with him no c-sections, no inductions, and hopefully no epidural, and no quad screen, and delivering at a hospital with an NICU.  I chose my OB after having seen him in action while I was an NICU nurse (which I still am at heart).  He was one of the only docs that came and checked on a baby after being admitted to the NICU.  And I almost never saw him do a c-section.  If you know anything about NICU nurses, you know we make the worse OB patients.  We know way too much stuff!  The crazy bad stuff is our normal, so we forget that normal healthy babies do happen and happen way more often then sick ones.  So pray for Dr. K, to have patience to put up with me!

So update on me and the nugget during our 16th week:
Food: pretty much anything.  No diversions.  I still love a pickle!
Weight: It looks like I have put on more but its only been about 5 pounds so far.
Blood Pressure:  Is actually normal! 128/70.  Which means I actually have circulation now.  No wonder I am actually hot most of the time.
Clothes: almost no pre-pregnancy pants fit anymore.  All I want are stretchy elastic pants anyway. 
I am starting to swell!  Anytime I stand for an extended period of time or I am out in the humidity a little too long. My toes become sausages.  I also learned last night after watching Batman, that sitting in a chair for 3 hours is uncomfortable! Not one part of my body was enjoying it.
I also could not help myself, I finally bought a baby item! EEEK!  Isn't it too sweet!

We have also been given this sweet little booger!  Giraffe are my favorite, and I just could eat him up!
I also ran into this jewel in Sam's Club today.  I am possibly heaven.

"Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken." Psalm 55:22
Have a blessed day!


  1. Seriously, you could know the gender RIGHT now!! Ahhhhh!! That's crazy!! But only 1.5ish more weeks. I think OBs have to be the most patient doctors ever to put up with crazy pregnant women all the time!!

  2. I know, God bless them! So glad you get to find out on time!