Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Weekend Home!

I am finally back home in good ol' Louisiana. Even though home I think home will always be Sulphur Springs.
So my sweet niece turned the big 8 years old on Monday,
She is super excited about having a baby cousin!

But we had her birthday party on Saturday, thus the trip home.  She wanted to invite stinky boys to her party this year so we had a bowling party for her. So here is some picture overload of the fun day.

This is my Nanny with her 20th great grand-child Marley (isn't she a cutie (both of them))

In baby news, I am finally really starting to feel like myself again.  I have almost no nausea except for in the mornings before I eat, and if I wait too long to eat.  My energy is finally getting back to normal, Praise the Lord, because here shortly I am going to really start doing some work on the nursery! I feel like the belly is growing by the second.  I am patiently waiting to start feeling those sweet butterfly feelings of he/she moving. Sometimes I just sit and concentrate real hard trying to feel something!  I am so excited for Wednesday!  I will have an exact date to look forward to, the day we find out what we are growing!

Hope every one has a blessed week!

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