Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So blessed!

I feel like having the responsibility to grow this little one has been blessing enough, but the blessing just keep coming!  Thank you, Lord Jesus!  Sour and I have been blessed with amazing family.  I, of course, you have heard and seen, have a ginourmous family.  And believe me if we lived in Texas, this sweet little baby would never see the floor or a bed (because they would be holding he/she all the time).  But we have been equally blessed with Sour's family. And now I must share a picture of them.
 This is MIL's (mother-in-law)side of the family (notice the size different).  They all live here in town (which is a huge blessing with in itself), but they all (both sides) have been so welcoming to be in their lives. And they are so excited to meet this little one.

We are also being blessed with a CRIB, yes one we do not have to pay for!  And it is gorgeous!  Sour's second cousin is letting us have their crib. And luckily my mom and dad are a geniuses, and kept the bassinet my sister used for my niece and nephew.  I LOVE FREE STUFF!  But I love people who are willing to give FREE stuff even more.  I am a known worry wart, so I just feel God giving us little presents along the way to help me not stress completely out.

One last thing, I am a horrible doggy mommy!  I can't believe I have yet to show you guys a pictures of our sweet Willard!  And sweet can be debatable among some, he is a bit of a snot and thinks he is a toddler.
Yes you are allowed to oooh and aww over him.  We do, which is probably why he is so spoiled rotten!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Yay for free baby stuff!!! That is THE best!!!!!

    1. And we get to pick out stuff together!