Sunday, July 29, 2012

Counting Down!

11 DAYS!!!  AHHHHHHH!!! I can't believe it is getting so close yet feel so far away.  The gender reveal party planning is well underway.  We are having amazing feed back from friends and family who will be attending.  It makes me feel so blessed that we have so many people waiting to welcome our little nugget into this world.  I believe all of Sulphur Springs may be attending!  I don't know if the party will be Pinterest worthy but I am sure going to put forth a good effort!  My cricut and I may be very busy the next 11 days.
We are 16 weeks and 3 days today. And I feel like the bump is growing daily.  I also have an observance and question to ask you.  My belly when first waking up in the morning seems a tolerable not scary size, but as the day goes on I promise you it grows by inches!  Is this normal?!?!  What causes me to not be able to see my feet by night fall?  I must preface this is me after taking a nap after church and delicious brunch at Copeland's.  No body is at the house with me on Sundays, so y'all have to get weird bathroom mirror pictures.
I also have been asked about which room with will be changing into the nursery.
This is what we call the yellow room!  It actually has a very cool texture and hand painted pattern the previous owners had ton, but I feel the color to be a little in your face for a sweet baby.  So needless to say we will definitely be doing some painting.  It is the smallest bedroom in the house and is upstairs.  The baby will probably be sleeping in our room into they are in kindergarten.  But of course not in our bed!
I am so ready to start putting all my ideas together.  I am also preparing myself for many DIYs that I plan on sharing with you guys.  I made these a few months ago and they would totally match my idea for a girls nursery. (If its a boy feel free to ask for these for your sweet little ones room).
  I made them from this Martha Stewart how to.  It was super easy and may re-create them in a different color scheme for a boy.

We went over the Parable of the Prodigal Son today in church. Luke 15 11-32.  I always get something different out of this story.  This time I want to challenge you to look at every person in your life as someone with a story.  Maybe they have a bad attitude on Monday but maybe they do because they are having money issues, or a child is sick.  We never know someone else circumstances, so maybe don't be so quick to judge.


  1. Great thought for the day! Thanks for all of your inspirational thoughts.... So good! Tara

    1. Thanks, ma'am! Hope you have a blessed week!

  2. I had the same belly size issue- I think it's caused by your ab muscles tiring by the end of the day. Your body's natural state is to keep tension in your core, and the growing weight of your uterus gradually wears those core muscles out.

    Your belly is so cute! I know you can't wait to find out who is causing that little bump.

    1. Your reason makes perfect sense! Genius! I am literally going crazy waiting to find out! I need to put a name to this little nugget!