Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am going to follow that with a big Ugh! Why do I feel like everyone makes getting a baby on a schedule seem so easy?!?! And why does it make me feel crazy when people ask constantly about my babies schedule?!?!?! And why do people think that 3 months is the magic number for sleeping all night and having a 3 nap schedule and sleeping in his crib!?!?!

This topic literally gives me palpitations and anger. Yes Luke still wakes up at night. I have tried the whole pacify him but he at this point still needs that night feeding. We do have a nighttime routine down fairly well, but that's about as good as we have it.

Since I am going back to work next week, I am really working on the napping thing. He is transitioning to it pretty good. We are getting in about 3 naps a day, but I just have an issue with making him stay awake and getting overtired to make it to the next nap time.

Since he does still wake up at night, we have not transitioned him to his crib. I just can't see myself traipsing upstairs at 3 in the morning when I can just lean over and grab him. And really I don't think his sleep is being compromised by sleeping with us, and I am pretty sure mine would be even more so. Maybe a little selfish on my behalf.

So I am asking for your realistic tips and tricks in setting a schedule, transitioning to the crib, and sleeping through the night. And be honest! Don't act like it happened overnight if it didn't, it doesn't help us new mommies and our anxiety.

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  1. Okay, the main thing to remember is EVERY child is different. I should know, I have 3 that are all like night and day.

    My oldest Anika was a text book baby. She slept through the night by 3 months old, she napped consistently every single day & she was easy as pie to care for. She did sleep with us though until she was like 11 or something LOL (she's 14 now) but it was because I was overprotective and slept better knowing she was in my bed!

    My son (whose 2 now) was the total opposite. He still doesn't sleep all night long. He wakes at least once, sometimes twice, for milk. Sometimes he will nap through the day and other times not & he's been like this since he was born. He is still in our bed because he still wakes at night and it's easier for me to pacify him without having to get up.

    My newest daughter (8 months) is a great sleeper. She has slept all night since about 4 months BUT it isn't because of a routine. Her bedtime varies from night to night dependent upon her mood. She naps someday's 3 to 4 times a day and someday's she naps barely once. She is in a pack and play right beside my bed.

    My point is people make it look and seem like if your child isn't doing "the normal" then you aren't doing your job. It's been my experience that yes, some kids need routine and structure. They thrive better that way but the opposite has also been my experience. Some kids do better just winging it and that is okay too. You have to figure out what works for you and yours. Don't try the text book way or you'll feel like a failure every time. Babies are just little people and although all throughout their life we guide and lead their direction, ultimately they are their own person and will do what works for them.

    Hang in there Momma- I'm sure your doing a GREAT job :)