Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 months

Really can it be true?!?! Did this little guy enter this world 2 months ago?!?! There is no way that our lives were so dramatically changed only 2 months ago. Did I really experience this life changing love 2 months ago?!?!

In that aspect it feels like I have loved this boy my whole life. He is teaching is just as much as he is learning on a daily basis. I am reminded everyday of all the new things that he is seeing and hearing for the first time. What a beautiful way for God to remind us to stop and soak in all the beauty and enjoy the little things in life. Luke is smelling the rain and Spring for the first time. He is seeing new colors and shapes and movements. He is hearing birds, dogs barking, new people's voices. And I am learning to appreciate it all with him.

We had his 2 month check up today.  He is weighing in a 14lbs 7.5oz and 24.5" long.  He is in the 90th percentile for both.  He had 4 vaccines today, 3 shots and 1 oral.  He did so well!  I did pretreat him with Tylenol just in case, but he cried for maybe 2 minutes after the shots and was asleep before we ever left the office.  Our doctor is amazing she gave us such great tips to keep this as less traumatic as possible.  We used the 5's.  So we swaddled him and let him eat a little right before the shots and then right after.  And it seemed to work like a charm.  He seems to have a very slight fever and he is very sleepy today.  He is more awake lately and today he has gone right back to sleep after each feding.
Luke is:
Awake a lot! He makes sweet giggle noises and smiles a lot. He also hollars! He does this screaming thing just to get your attention. He is a drama king!
He is such a good, easy sleeper. He can literally fall asleep anywhere we leave him. He can sleep through restaurants, shopping trips, Willard barking, etc.
His reflux is getting so much better! We can get through feedings with our either one of us crying! He is pretty much a happy spitter. He still has pretty consistent spit ups but nothing super huge or crazy. Gripe water is still our best friend.
He is losing his hair. And it seems to be coming back lighter. His eyes I think will definitely be blue they are getting lighter daily.
He is only waking up once during the night now.  Which is a huge improvement from our every 2 hour schedule!

We are loving our life as a family of three! I only have 3 more weeks of time at home so I am trying to soak up every minute. Luke we love you more and more everyday!

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