Saturday, January 5, 2013

39 weeks and still going!

So we are still here and still pregnant! We had an appointment on Wednesday and we are definitely making progress and getting ready, but not enough to have a baby. We were offered an induction for yesterday morning, but we said no. But believe you and me, it was very tempting for many reasons.

1. I could be holding my sweet little boy right now.
2. I would not be pregnant any more and hopefully a good (at least) 10lbs lighter.
3. My OB is actually on call this weekend so I knew he would be the one to deliver Luke.

We are believing in God's timing and knowing He knows best! I am trying oh so hard to put my selfishness aside. Plus if I gave into an induction, I would basically have to give in to an epidural too, and so often inductions lead to c-sections. So there went all my rants and raves I have been giving the past few months! And if know me at all, I don't like to give in and be wrong! Lol

My momma has been the super supportive person through this whole thing. So thanks, Momma, you are the best, I am so appreciative.

And some really exciting news from the appointment: I lost weight! Woohoo!
So basically we are just hanging out and waiting. We have an appointment next Wednesday again, we will be almost 40 weeks. Next Friday is our due date. So we will see then what the plan and next step is.

39 weeks brings:
Still pregnant!!!


  1. Hahaha. Hang in there...if for nothing else, so that you don't have to be wrong!! Haha. Maybe he will come THIS WEEK!!

    1. This is 2 days later and he still isn't here!