Friday, April 12, 2013

3 Months

Thursday was The Lukester's 3 month birthday! We have such mixed feelings! I can't believe that it's already been 3 months, while Sour feels like its been a YEAR! Either way we can't remember life before him.

At 3 months our not-so-little guy:
Is still not so little. We are estimating him to be about 15.5 lbs. but we won't have an official weight till his 4 month check-up.
Has pretty much full head control. Not a bobble head any more.
Loves to sit up and stand. He is tired this whole lying down business. He can't sit in his BeBe pod now. I think we may try his high chair soon.
Is in 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. He has graduated to size 3 diapers.
Loves baths in his whale bathtub (big bathtub). He is learning to splash!
Has found his hands! Loves to stare at and chew on them. I keep showing him his feet, too.
Is sleeping in the pack-n-play at night. It's our way of transitioning to his crib. He used to sleep in something that kept him all snuggled up, but the pack-n-play is roomy like he crib. He does napkin the crib from time to time. He still is swaddled at night.
Might be teething! He is drooling tons, chews and sucks on his hands constantly, has low grade fever, fussier than normal, and some loose stools.
Had his sip-n-see. It was fun and such a blessing! Luke racked up tins of fun books.
Still wakes up at least once a night for a snack.

We are loving live! And loving this boy of ours. Thank you God for the life changing guy!

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  1. And 12 month clothes!! Haha. Or one outfit at least! That first picture of him is TOO adorable!!!! Sweet little (big) Luke!!