Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Man this is moving fast!

The pregnancy is zooming by.  I get palpitations every time I think about it only being like 3 months away.  3 months guys!  And that is right in the middle of the holidays!  So I am being a little crazy about getting the nursery getting done.  In my head, I want Luke's room to be done by the end of October (except obviously for little odds and ends), because in November showers start and then the holidays roll in.  So when the showers start I want a room to put all of the sweet little baby things.  I want all the socks and blankets and burp clothes to have a home to go to, a special basket or drawer designated just to them.

I really think it all boils down to control...right now I am not feeling in control of anything.  My body is changing every day, doing crazy things that I have no control of.  I don't get to decide when this little guy is going to come.  I am just at the mercy of the Lord!

So I can control the nursery being done.  I can control it getting painted and all the pictures hung and all the clothes being washed and organized.  Speaking of organization, look at these cuties I got in the mail the other day.
I found some left over Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards from getting married (yes that was over 2 years ago) and those can be used at Buy Buy Baby.  So I found these totes, and just had to have them!

Do you know what isn't moving very fast?  The bathroom. Today we have walls.
But that is about the most of the excitement.  Hopefully by the end of the week we will have cabinets.  Here is hoping some patience kicks in soon.

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