Friday, September 28, 2012


25 weeks! That's so cool to say!

25 brings
A very itchy belly
Which means a whole lot of coco butter
Starting to get dates for baby showers, eeeekkkkkkk
A whole lot of bad attitude days (I really do hate them, it makes me feel so bad for family and friends)
A very active Luke

Speaking of Luke moving, Sour felt him for the first time!!! It was so exciting for me to finally share that with him. I have felt our little guy for about 3 weeks now. Every little roll and flip brings so much joy to me, it reminds me of the miracle that we have the privilege to be apart of. So no my poor belly is so tight, you can see my tummy move every time Luke moves. So last night we are sitting watching TV and my belly is jumping all over the place and Sour freaks out! Hahaha! Then I got him to feel for awhile and then Luke went crazy! Sour jumped away so fast! It was hilarious! He had been trying to feel for awhile now but Luke stops the minute we pay attention to him.

One of the best memories so far! My sweet friends are having their gender reveal tomorrow! So excited, pretty sure it's a girl, maybe? They have known since Tuesday!

I will get a 25 week picture up this weekend sometime.

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