Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11 months!

So we made it! To 11 months that is. 
I cannot. I tell you, CANNOT, believe my baby is a month from being 1 year old. 
So that means we are in full planning mode. 

As much as I say that I don't want to go overboard, it is going to happen! We have a huge family, tons of family with kids and close friends with kids. It is just going to be huge no matter what I do, so might as well make it spectacular, right?!?! 

So it has been a good minute, let me update you on my ever growing baby: 
He has been a crawling pro since 6 months. 
Pulling up and walking around furniture since 6.5-7 months
Eats like a grown up since about 7-8 months (table foods, feeding himself with hands) 
Finally started holding his on bottle at 9 months
About that time he started taking a sippy cup (so well we have basically already taken is bottle away)
He only had 3 bottles of milk a day, just with meals (none when he wakes up or right before bed) 
He sleeps 12+ hours a night, bedtime around 8-9pm
Naps twice a day, each 2ish hours
He is a super flexible baby with eating and sleep schedule. So easy. Very blessed. 
Walking since about Thanksgiving (still prefers to crawl)

He has officially started throwing temper tantrums when you take things away from him or does something he doesn't like! Where did my baby go?!?! This isn't supposed to happen yet! I was not prepared! 

We are loving holidays with this guy! He just makes everything Merrier and Brightet and more exciting! 

Stay tuned for birthday stuff, Christmas pictures, and tantrums updates!   

Now picture overload! 

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