Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Job

So sometimes since leaving my job in the NICU, I really struggle with my purpose. As an NICU nurse, I knew without a doubt I was making a difference. I was saving life's, contributing to someone else's well-being, a supporter and friend to people who felt alone. 
But in the clinical education role, that difference isn't so noticeable or noted. Not many thank yous occur, no one is bringing me
treats, or hugging me for making a power point or putting together skills fair! 
My heart was definitely with those babies, and I really believe sick kiddos will always have a piece of me, it was my calling for a short time. And I do know that it was God's timing for me to go to this position. I really do love it! 
With all that said, when I have those questioning moments, God gives me a little pop, and tells me he gave me the most important job of all. Being a mommy! 
He has entrusted me to teach this little boy how to love unconditional, live,and look like Jesus.  What a big, important job. My job is to love him! My job is to teach and raise him to be amazing. My job is SHOW him how to do all these things. 

Boy how I love this BOY! 

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