Thursday, July 4, 2013

5 and more!

Man am I really late. And to top it all off I didn't even take the requisite monthly sticker picture for 5 months. But since we are only a week away from ring 6 months I figured I needed to get on the ball.  So our guy is 5 months old!  And we have had our first fever and cold :( 

5 and 6 months brought: 
Sitting up all by himself! It is so fun to see him look like a real kid playing with toys. And so nice to plop him down and do somethings while he entertains himself. 
His love for food is no joke! He is getting to be a pro at the spoon thing. We have had oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, green peas, avocados, and bananas. I think we are going to try some table food in our 6 months.  
He officially sleeps ALL night!!! Big woohoo! He sleeps from 10-8ish usually. With no eating at all and no trecks upstairs. Which means he is sleeping successfully in his crib. I think he sleeps better without us. 

Rolling over his old hat for him now. Now he likes to scoot in his belly or throw himself forward from sitting to his belly to reach something. I am afraid crawling isn't too far away.  
We did a lot of pool time and he loves it! As long as the water is warm enough and not people splashing him in the face. 
He loves toys!!! Of course they all end up in his mouth but he is getting really good at just sitting and playing.
He can now move forward in his walker. And he is officially on a war path destroying everything in his way. 
He wears 12 month clothes. Size 3 diapers. 

At his sick appointment on Wednesday, 
he weighed 19lbs and 8oz. 
He eats about 30-35 oz of milk a day. And solids just once. He holds his on bottle off and on. We attempt a sippy cup every now and then. 
He makes everyday better, happier, sunnier, and like new!  I can't imagine days without his smiles and squeals. 

Happy 4th of July! 

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  1. What a big boy!! I miss his sweet face!!!!