Monday, February 18, 2013

Rash and Reflux

Oh boy what a week.
A couple of weeks ago we narrowed Luke's fussiness during nursing down to reflux. The doctor started him on Zantac with some improvement. Well his spitting up started to increase.
Around his 1 month checkup, he had a rash that appeared on his trunk area. It seemed like a non specific allergy rash. I started to eliminate dairy from my diet since that is the number 1 baby allergy from breast milk.
On Friday, the rash spread to his legs and arms. And his spitting up hit a peak. I called the doctor and she came out to have a look at him.
Well evidently he takes after his daddy more than just looks. He also has his Dad's awful allergies. So we started in 3 days of oral steroids and 7 days of topical. Well rash is all better and all gone for the most part.
For the past 48 hours have strictly pumped and bottle fed, and his spitting up is 10x better.
So now I have the question if we are going to continue this routine or not.

But I really just care that he is feeling better!

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